Its Monday and it comes with its challenges

Its Monday and off to a not so good start I was really upset this morning when I called the bank and my money was still not in have to tell you this business of EIA otherwise known as Employment and Income Assistance really tries your patience at the best of times, and the unfortunate thing is I was not able to get to school today because I was not able to get a weekly 5 day pass for the week i’m not happy about it either.
When MTS came on Friday they hooked up my phone and TV during the weekend I tried to activate my voicemail and was unable to only to find out today that there was a glitch in the system however, now the problem has been rectified so I am happy now and voicemail has been set up.
At 2pm today in the lounge where I live representatives from Manitoba Housing came in and we had a meeting of sorts for all the tenants in the building,  there is nothing that bothers me more than no one being held accountable in any respect, it just seems that people in low-income housing get passed the buck every time you need to call this person,  you need to call that person,  all I have to say is if things don’t get done around here then I will be making calls to my MP and perhaps a write-up in the paper would be necessary this government agency stuff is just becoming ridiculous like I have other important things to tend to anyway enough of my ranting and raving for one day.
Today I would like to talk about my mom and dad, my parents were both from England  Yorkshire and Bradford my father’s name was Donald Don for short and my mothers name was Josephine Jo for short, when my parents immigrated to Calgary, Alberta Canada my mother worked as an Executive Secretary in a chartered accountants office downtown and my dad was working for the City of Calgary as a City Engineer they were both making good money.
I remember some of the places that we lived during the course of my life at home we lived at 10 Kelwood place when I was much younger I also remember that we had been robbed and 9615 oakhill drive where I had met my friend Shawna we had gone to school together,  my mom liked her classical music and I hated it and left the house when she played it because it made me very sad for some reason.
My father liked his ham radio and electronic stuff and remember my dad every friday night It seemed to have been routine that every friday night after a hard day at work my dad wanted mom to relax for the evening and dad and I would have some fun in the kitchen we would make fish and chips every friday (Halibut) and dad would ask me to make him a screwdriver drink, and way back then I never used a shot glass and just added the vodka, my poor dad after one drink he was feeling the effects of my wonderful half 1/4 full vodka and orange juice screwdriver my poor dad I’m surprised he did not fall over then after finishing up dinner then it came time to do the dishes when it came to doing dishes dad and I would have fun with the wet dishcloth and towel to dry, racing around the kitchen table trying to catch each other and then there was mom wondering what was going on in the other room and we both said nothing I have many cherished memories this is just one of them.
My mom and I, we always had a really good relationship after my fathers passing we grew closer and it became routine that we spent Sundays together and talked of many things, looking back now two of the best things that happened to my mother and I know meant a lot to her were my dad and me we were her life, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35 the day my mother was told she has breast cancer mom thought that my dad would leave her because she was not well… im’ starting to feel very sad so I am not able to discuss much more about my mother now perhaps another day.

Life in the slow lane

Well, today is Sunday and all is well in this place i call home cleaning tidying up and yes, you guessed it doing boxes the never ending saga of Elaine but on the bright side after all i have gone through i am so glad that i still have my sanity the peace of mind i now feel is just unbelievable i feel soo good and now i just really need to work on my self esteem, have realized since leaving my last partner that i did not have any self esteem left in me anymore, whatsoever.
You know its so eye opening that when you leave a relationship just how much you loose yourself and things just change, I now am beginning to find myself again and the person that I used to be and have learned so much about myself that I did not realize before, self awareness I think is a good thing.
Today I would like to focus a little bit on living here in Manitoba and the assistance otherwise known as EIA that unfortunatly I have to live on till I get through school I have to tell you I have a few choice words for those idiots they expect you to go find work or go to school and when you do eithier or atleast my experience is you still get the dam runaround and get this, even when your in shelter you still get beurocracy bullshit and they have this habit of not returning phone calls, like I mean how hard is it to pick up the phone and make a quick phone call like seriously I realize that they are busy but come on lets get our priorities straight here, it seems that in their offices no one is ever accountable for their actions someone needs to give them all a swift kick in the ass just my opinion set them all straight.
Recently in school i have also learned that the field in which i would like to get into when i finish my red river college practicum the starting pay is $12 hour its almost worth just staying here for the eduction and then leaving going to a different province for better pay and to be quite honest with you im seriously considering moving out of province after my schooling is done but like the idea of free eduction from the provincial government so i will be staying here for quite sometime and not sure if i will move its just a thought.
On the brighter side there is an extra foods just down the street from me 1 block away actually and some of the people where i am now living seem nice however it would seem that along with some of the nice ones there are drug dealers, apparently some hookers have clients in here so Im told and guaranteed every friday night alcohol alcohol and yet even more alcohol, sometimes i have been down here for hours on friday nights and every person that goes out the front door usually comes back within 15 minutes and you guessed it guess whats in the bag? …its actually amazing how some of the people in here act its entertaining so needless to say I stick to myself most times on the exception of a few people, I usually hang out with the security staff during the week they are nice the 3-11pm shift.
.Manitoba is quite different from Alberta they seem to do many things differently and truly to be honest with you the transit service really sucks here bad there was actually a sunday not to long ago where i had to take a bus I was at the bus stop at 1:55 pm and the bus came at 2:04 it was cold that day 2:04 came and passed waiting for the bus there until 2:40pm! when a bus finally showed up there needless to say man was I pissed off I was ready to lash out at anyone I was so mad.
Life has been treating me well lately I recently got back in touch with an old friend and so glad that I did he seems to be the same down to earth sincere and genuine person I knew so many years ago it seems we can talk to each other about almost anything and everything sure is nice to have a confidant and cry on each others shoulders Im feeling pretty good about a friendship with him that will blossom and able to trust yet again but will tread very carefully for now and I feel that I need to not get emotionally involved as im still dealing with my own stuff which in time im sure will heal.
I cant believe how much that i wrote today this this has been my longest entry yet so thats enough for today

Another day and end of the week

Well today is just another day Friday, thank god and much homework from school, today im just swamped which is good because that way there is no time to think or get depressed we just finished having a big snowfall for 2 days and what a mess i tell you but on the bright side there is sunshine today which seems to help.
Need to finish my unpacking and get things in order, since living at my new residence I feel much more at peace and not waiting for the next shoe to fall anymore which i had been for many months have not felt such a sense of relief i think in years.
While being in shelteri had learned so much from the staff although i tend to still be a people pleaser i am starting just not to care what other people think of me they eithier except me or they don’t all i know is it would be their loss not mine.
Anyway, today i would just like to touch a little bit on my past history over my life and i will have to do this in segments as it will take so much time to write everything, to start with I had very good parents that treated me very well and spoiled rotten i was lucky, my parents loved me very much today i see some of the kids out there having babies now and good grief its enough to make me cringe with the way they treat their children some dont deserve to be parents anyway so when i lived at home and when going to school i met this girl Shawna who knew that many years later we would still be friends wow and the things she did to track me down after loosing touch for so many years i still hold her dear to my heart shes had better luck with men than i have so anyway whenever we could i would spend time at her house and still remember us listening to saturday night fever soundtrack the old disco days people used to call me the disco queen and still love disco to this very day although people wonder why i still listen to it and i say disco is not dead till its buried its not buried so there.
Then i had met the man i was going to marry later in life we had been dating for 2-3 years and things had been going well during the time of our courtship and then i had gotten pregnant.
More to follow at later date

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