Another day and end of the week

Well today is just another day Friday, thank god and much homework from school, today im just swamped which is good because that way there is no time to think or get depressed we just finished having a big snowfall for 2 days and what a mess i tell you but on the bright side there is sunshine today which seems to help.
Need to finish my unpacking and get things in order, since living at my new residence I feel much more at peace and not waiting for the next shoe to fall anymore which i had been for many months have not felt such a sense of relief i think in years.
While being in shelteri had learned so much from the staff although i tend to still be a people pleaser i am starting just not to care what other people think of me they eithier except me or they don’t all i know is it would be their loss not mine.
Anyway, today i would just like to touch a little bit on my past history over my life and i will have to do this in segments as it will take so much time to write everything, to start with I had very good parents that treated me very well and spoiled rotten i was lucky, my parents loved me very much today i see some of the kids out there having babies now and good grief its enough to make me cringe with the way they treat their children some dont deserve to be parents anyway so when i lived at home and when going to school i met this girl Shawna who knew that many years later we would still be friends wow and the things she did to track me down after loosing touch for so many years i still hold her dear to my heart shes had better luck with men than i have so anyway whenever we could i would spend time at her house and still remember us listening to saturday night fever soundtrack the old disco days people used to call me the disco queen and still love disco to this very day although people wonder why i still listen to it and i say disco is not dead till its buried its not buried so there.
Then i had met the man i was going to marry later in life we had been dating for 2-3 years and things had been going well during the time of our courtship and then i had gotten pregnant.
More to follow at later date

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