Another Saturday in the park (Chicago)

Well, life has been pretty interesting lately and have no idea where to start, I would like to say that i need to get a few things off of my chest it all started on saturday when i guess i got up on the wrong side of the bed all bent out of shape and have to admit not only did i have a bad nightmare the night before but feeling like i’v been used too, not a good combination by any means, i was on edge for the entire day, and only today being Monday did i realize that it was Easter the following week no wonder i have been in a shitty mood and on edge, Easter really isnt making me feel all that great as there is no one to spend it with and just a constant reminder that i have no family and quite honestly it really sucks and miss my parents so much it hurts, so anyways, on saturday i had gone to go pick up my paycheque from a company that now im so sure i really want to work for anymore no respect, field manager acts like a kid and does not act at all like the manager that he should be yes, he is only around 20 to maybe 25 at most dont think the guy has a clue on how to be professional in an office environment  and when i looked at my paycheque it was at the same rate of 8.50/hour when i guess the minimum wage had already gone up to 9.00/hour as of April 1st the field manager heard me and said "on next pay" and is going up only $.25 so 8.75/hour which pisses me off because i have worked in market research for over 6 years and this is the kind of shit i get! well pardon my language but fuck that shit!!! i have had it with employers not paying me what im worth, treating their employess like shit, being dishonest and terrible business work ethics enough is enough already, so yes i got my cheque and went to the dollars and cents store right across the street from where i live it ended up being a nice day so was out the whole afternoon, later in the evening however at around 6:00PM i popped over to the liquor mart by my place i have not had a drink in over 4 years and after all i have been through i think i am entitled to have one so thats exactly what i did, and upon arriving at home going through the front door i had walked past 2 of the tenants here that i knew as they befriended me when i first moved in here and for some stupid strange reason they no longer talk to me and everytime they see me now she gives me a dirty look anyways, her name is Lauralee and his name is Albert she is 52 and he is 73 so here i am walking through the door minding my own business walked past them went into the lounge, dining room area as i was passing she called me a "bitch" you can only imagine what my reaction was, however, this is a 55 plus building and my parents brought me up right so i showed no disrespect to anyone but taking some comfort in the fact that these 2 people are being thrown out by Manitoba Housing in the very near future and so they should be and apparently they are not liked by anyone in this building or so im told, well from my experince i believe what iv been told and needless to say i no longer associate with them anymore and havent after having an association with them for 3 days after i moved in.

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