A week of paramedics on the block

Well, my friends, this week has really been an interesting one here on the block, as well as Easter Is fast approaching and have finally put my plans and decisions finally Into action and mentally It has been a very draining week, you know the categories for these blogs what Im really thinking Is they need to put a category for Mental Health think they missed putting that one In.
Today, a lady I guess by the name of Doreen had passed away In our apt block last night apparently they said she had died about 12 hours prior to finding her and wow let me tell you, I am starting to relive what happened to both my parents and what I myself had gone through, and how I felt at the time, just a slap in the face realisticallty speaking…Doreen was the lady that every Monday when we used to play Bingo she would call the numbers although I did not really get to know her well I am deeply saddened by her passing but remembering that she is now in a much better place.
Throughout the course of this week I think I have seen the paramedics in this building I live in about 6 times Its been very busy here this week.
My decisions that I have had to make throughout the course of this week I think are justified I quit school…I am no longer going, for several different reasons one of which is most concern to me because we have been doing many life skills at school I have been greatly affected emotionally and keep on breaking down crying in class if I am wanting to get into the line of work I do which is social work/counsellor I can not be affected like this,  good grief I will end up having the clients come and comfort me instead ok and that is just not kosher I was thinking of the option of putting it on hold but unfortunately that will not be possible at this point in time as they do not allow that and the thing is that once I am out the job re-entry in August then I am having to go into classes at Red River College pretty much right away and start doing a practicum so at this point In time I would have to say that maybe at a later date.
This block I live In Im telling you seriously instead of watching daytime drama you should be living here instead theres plenty of drama that goes on here believe you me, sometimes when I am on the computer I overhear people talikng about shit and other people and am getting to the point where I want to just avoid coming down here at all sometimes but whatever.
I have met a couple of really nice people here like Diane and Vikki they both are pretty nice and would rather associate with the both of them rather than anyone else In here..I am having Diane over on Sunday for a turkey dinner just her and I and no one else peace and quiet and no drama.
Yesterday being Thursday came down and was speaking with Lana yes you Lana and for all of you reading my blog she Is a hero and saved a life on Thursday night apparently a tenent here eithier had a minor heart attack and/or seizure stopped breathing and Lana applied CPR and got his heart started again, paramedics were called and later they came back and told her that she had saved his life wow!! even when I leave this building I will never forget what she did and I will be calling her office and telling the property manager here that she deserves some kind of recognition for a job well done indeed.
So today being Friday I had run into my neighbor Jim seems like a real nice guy and has done many good things for me for instance gave me some bread that was frozen and some frozen potatoe pieces has also cooked couple things for me I think he has a good heart and his laugh my god his laugh kills me but think he has a good aura although I am treading very carefully with ALL people In this place now since Lauralee and Albert screwed me those two are a real piece of work and talk about controlling and attitude.
Earlier last week which I forgot to write about Evelyn a lady that I met down here In the lounge and always say hi to somehow we got on the topic of religions one day and she gave a couple of watchtowers magazines thought well why not read it but, as It turned out I never really did pick them up and read them front to back she Is Jehovah Witness I mean I have an open mind but when It comes to my religion Im thinking BOUNDARIES! here, anyway she has asked me If I would be Interested in doing a bible study not knowing quite what to say I said wasnt sure anyhow on with the story I met her on the bus downtown coming home the other day we sat together and started talking she brought up If I was going on Thursday and was contemplating when It was brought up about the breaking of the bread and that they, I am to assume Evelyn and the people she was going with did not take the bread and passed It on to others that supposedly needed It more well that was It for me I am not going to deny myself the body of christ and thats all there Is to It I declined her offer to attend on Thursday because there was something nagging at me and my sixth sense kicked In and did not feel right about going that was one thing and on one occassion I had Invited her Into my apartment thought It would be a nice thing to do (this was before I had declined her offer to attend) I had made hamburger stew and Invited her for dinner she accepted I was happy but I get really pissed off when I dont get a thank you, there were other things as well that annoyed me like using my phone and not asking first well, all I can say Is never again my boundaries were violated, I will still be nice but never to my apartment again.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara
    Apr 12, 2009 @ 15:50:33

    You are welcome Lana, and also thank you so much for the wonderful gift that you left me on my door you are so sweet

  2. Lana
    Apr 12, 2009 @ 07:01:46

    aww thxs i dont feel like a hero just doing my job and saving a good friend

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