Another Saturday night

Hello everyone, well It has been a real eventful night here by the computers was going to start writing In my blog hours ago when I started talking to this lady next to me her name Is Alaine kind of weird hey the only difference between our names Is one letter at the beginning so as the hours went by we were chatting up a storm wow do we ever have alot of similiarities Im like thinking shes my twin or something so for the most part we spent our Saturday night have intellectual conversation and chilling out by the computers and the time Is now oh 2AM we have been talking for over 3 hours… today I also met a lady that I have run Into several times while being In the elevator and me being the sociable person I am you can expect me to use my mouth and talk and so I had a chance to also chat up a storm with, her name Is Dorothy and she works at Walmart she seems like a very nice lady too, Dorothy said that she would like to do coffee sometime so Im thinking that would be nice and Alaine well I guess I will be seeing her again tomorrow night…I have decided to spread my good cheer of Easter around today to some of those In my block sooooo they are getting some dinner too there Is Jim, Stella, and Vikki 3 people of whom I like I do not want any leftovers tonight after dinnner and have decided on strawberries and whipped cream for desert for Diane and I finally went and crashed at 4AM and very tired today so I shall, In all liklihood fall asleep early this evening say around 10PM hopefully.
Well, we finished dinner sometime ago and was enjoyed by all and I got many "thank you’s" from others that I shared It with I feel like I have done my good deed for the day…I had run Into Alaine several times today as well so we had some small talk, I really feel good about being here being able to associate myself with many other people and not Isolating myself for weeks and even months which I have done In the past I seem to be well on my way to being the person nice, down to earth, caring Individual that I once was as opposed to being a very bitter and angry woman.

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