Money talks

Some people In this block are really very upset Manitoba Housing apparently never does anything In here or so Im told I have never personally had a bad experience really as of yet but one never knows what might come up every now and then.
It seems that when you are In low income housing you get treated much differently like you are the lowest of the low, people that are able to make changes dont even want to bother let alone we next to never see the property manager here.
 I have seen Georgina once and that was very brief like maybe 2 minutes at the most It seemed she could not wait to get out of this building and I rather took offence because Its like she did not have the time of day for me, It really annoys me that not everyone is treated equally you know money really means shit and quite honestly I prefer to live my life without It( I know your probably thinking you have got to be kidding me) well no Im not, I see the people on wall street being greedy little bastards and still taking money from the taxpayers, living the high life and for petes sake we are In a recession whats wrong with people and society I mean honestly? and as for our government well, I have a few choice words for them to along with the former president Bush dipshit that he was.
Sorry I went on a tangent there and yes I was going to get to a point anyways I have never really had that much money to begin with well ok when mom passed away I went Into retirement for a few years just cause I wanted to and rented out my condo for a year or two for $630 which I thought was quite reasonable and was extremely lucky that I had really good tenants, at the time they looked after the condo that my mother had left me, my mother also left me the city of Calgary pension that my dad had given to her that would last until 2008 unfortunately my mother would not live quite that long so the rest of the pension upon my mothers passing was given to me.
Basically I was given everything that my mother had pretty much and  I was set for life I was happy I was also given my mothers car which was a blessing for me because It would have the means for me getting around.
One memory that I remember now Is when It was time for the will to go to probate I had gone to see my co-executor signed the papers and all I had to do was wait until It went through the courts well, about a day later I got a call from the bank I had to go back down there so was kind of baffled they said there was something wrong with the papers so Im thinking oh ok! well get this It turns out, I signed my mothers estate to the bank oh lordie what the hell was I thinking Im thinking that would explain a few things for sure we got It all sorted out of course but that would just proove how much of a mess I was In having to do all this legal stuff and try key word try and keep my head above water good grief unbelievable since my mothers passing having been recent I was suprised looking back In retrospect how the heck I got as much done as I did.

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