Bed bugs In my apartment

Well today Is Sunday and yet another day of the same old stuff really but today I am doing laundry and had a nice soak In the bathtub and had a long nice shower afterwards took a total of 90 minutes, I did not sleep very well last night having had a toothache, I’m pretty sure I have a cracked tooth I’m telling you It’s absolute hell I will be glad to finally see the dentist and get this taken care of anyway, It would seem that I have bed bugs In my apartment now where they have come from I still am not sure I mean my place Is cleaned every day and apparently there are bed bugs all over this building in which I live I have come across three just this morning one of which was on the floor another one that was In one of my towels and If you can believe this… one In my bra which obviously now is in the wash and done along with my other things three times over before It goes back upstairs with me.
Am I ever getting mad with people, they are scaring me half to death In this apartment building all this talk of bed bug  infestations and Diane a tenant here telling me I might have some in my bed after I mentioned that I had come across some earlier this morning In my apartment and no they are NOT In my bed, far from It, actually It appears the more people who I talk to the more people have the same problem so I am not the only one with problems It’s just starting to get annoying now and Manitoba Housing does nothing here, and apparently, I just found out today from someone  Manitoba Houysing staff they do not clean the apartments here after people have moved out!!! .
No wonder there are so many problems here in low income housing  It’s about time that some of these issues started to get addressed, everyone has the right equal treatment and having the right to live In a healthy environment.
I think what this whole thing boils down to Is people, power and money It seems corporations, housing, employers etc will do anything possible In order to save money regardless If people have a healthy environment, food on their table, job, home It just seems the result Is always the same cutting corners and saving money no matter what the cost.
I am now getting a bad migraine headache so to everyone have a good week and take care of yourselves and each other.

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  1. Colin
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 15:28:32


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