Quotes and Meanings

“Birds of a feather flocked together”
I like this quote because It applies to my life. I now see the reason I like It so much It’s because If the people who you associate with seem to be deceitful, nasty, liars, thieves and cheats you will attract them as well and have that circle of friends and vice versa If you are around great people who have a good auras that are nice and friendly you will also be considered the same and again attract those kind of people In your life unfortunately I hung around with the wrong people who have nothing but negative energy so I had the same In my life for many years.
“Negative energy Is no good”
This also applies to my life I have come to realize that some of the reasons for not being able to excel In my life Is because negativity affects you In many ways for example If you are around people who bring you down you will continue to be down In the dumps from an emotional, physical standpoint I was for a long extended period always In emotional turmoil looking to people for help and support and what I got was a smack In the face  I feel that people just did not care and eventually when you bottle things up over the course of many years physically It starts to affect you as well I am living proof of that ever since I left my last partner I have had many physical problems but on a good note I am now doing something about It.
“We can change If we want to but we have to want to we will change if it is important to us”
I chose this quote because It applies to my life, to me this quote means that we can change  we also have the will to change and decide what priorities are Important to us at that very moment.
For me, I was not sure what to do 18 months ago I was like a lost puppy looking for my master and one day decided I have had enough and going to change my life  and make It what I want It to be and having the will to survive physical, emotional, psychological as well as spiritual abuse and up and leave It was something that I had to do to keep my sanity so I changed my whole life and after months of shelters, emotional turmoil and many moves from shelter to shelter I came here to Manitoba to start my life over because I was determined to not live my life In misery anymore and since being here In Manitoba that support that I have had has got me where I am today.
So, If you want to change you can, If you want to just do It!! And change can really bring out the best In you If you are open-minded so do what Is Important to you at this moment and embrace change as It could be a good thing.

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