Thursday and things seem to be going In my favor

Hello Everyone:
Well , I have some good news, to start with this morning I called Pinnacle an employment agency that I had seen yesterday and I have been hired by a company near my house It Is walking distance to home and Im so happy I start on Monday…my training is for 5 weeks along with the others that have been hired we start 8:00AM to I think It is 4:00 or 4:30PM no weekends and the call centre closes at 7:30PM… I can not tell you how relieved I am to finally be able to get off assistance once and for all and none of this measly $200 per month to live off.
I woke up this morning to gray and gloomy weather and It Is raining and thinking this Is to last a couple days so says the weather man, It seems down here In the lounge Is really quiet for the moment god only knows how long It will last before people start complaining and have Issues with something I will not be down here long enough to hear any of It thank god but despite that, I still love this place and  having the lounge downstairs, security around, have made some acquaintances here whom I would like to do some things with this summer namely the forks which Is right around the corner from us they have so many things there and last summer was only there for a short period of time  because It was a shelter outing so I want to go back there again, they also have here In Winnipeg a zoo where I would like to go and also they have a riverboat In which you can go on In the summer down the Red River think the whole cruise takes about 2 hours or so, so I have many things planned for this summer.
I am so happy that some of my repressed memories are coming back to me I thought that this day would never happen for me this Is really a big breakthrough for me my attitude Is changing also being alot more positive about my life, feeling so much peace and not being a worrier where many years ago thats all I ever did well not so much anymore for the most part I am very happy and quite content and not concerned about what people think about me anymore eithier that was a real big thing for me and most Importantly self care and taking It one day at a time.
It Is almost 9:00PM now and starting to get settled for the evening and doing the nightly blog to end the day Its so hard to believe that when we wake up tomorrow that It will be May 1st so hard to believe that we are almost half way Into the year already…despite what the weather man has said for rain we have been quite lucky for a better part of the afternoon and evening although It was raining earlier today we now have sunny skies and blue at that.

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