I will live my life as I see fit

Since coming to Manitoba last year In March 2008 when I, for the last time arrived In shelter living at Alpha House being second stage housing which basically Is you are living Independently, Intense counselling, having your own apartment and perhaps as a bonus meeting some good friends along the way, or acquaintances In my case I thought It was friends but I guess turned out to be acquaintances Instead since they have not once picked up the phone and called me well, so be It I guess, as far as Im concerned If people will not give me the time of day and get to know me as a person then they are just a waste of my time I have had people try and succeed doing mind manipulation with me, telling other people about my personal life and feelings and betraying me to the biggest degree.
Looking back over the last year that I have been here In Winnipeg I have made myself Into a better person and no longer care If people accept me I keep very much to myself now, no longer have an Interest In meeting new people and as for the male gender and no I am not referring to my male friends here but the rest of the male population I would rather throw off the nearest balcony and toss In the Red River which happens to not be far from me Im living a pretty comfortable life right now no drama, peace and quiet, feeling very relaxed, and finally and most Importantly finally starting to remember so many memories that have been deeply buried and repressed for many many years I am so glad emotionally that I am making so much progress I never thought I would get to where I am now honestly I thought I would never see the day and also making some preliminary travel plans for my future and now that I have a job just down the street from me I will start to concentrate on stashing all my money and travel In about a year or two I also have no Interest In having a male companion In my life and never ever plan on getting married ever again or dating too for that matter and yes It may be a lonely life for me but I would rather have that than have stress, drama, being on an emotional roller coaster and hardly ever feeling like I belong and having all the family dram bullshit seriously I am through with all of It so when I start to loose tons of weight and men start to approach me again well sorry there honey eat you heart out Is what I will say thanks but no thanks my life Is finally my own and no one dictating to me on how I should be and how I should act dont think so not In this life anyway and quite honestly to hell with the In laws!!! In laws will be In another chapter of the blog so stay tuned for that.

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