Past and potential anger

Hello everyone:
Well today I want to go through some of my past and potential anger and take a closer look as to why I was angry for many years past and the build up of my potential anger over the years.
Along with sadness, a great deal of anger Is present when there has been a loss In ones life there are reasons for ones anger – the many things that were said or that did not happen as well as words that I needed to hear, the times when I had a lack of validation for how I felt In the course of my life much of my hidden anger was never really expressed and although I had a wonderful home life my aunt and uncle (I will refer to them as K and B) which I have since disowned for many years now had a great big Impact on my childhood and not a good one eithier some of the things that I remmember with K and B are:
  • I had always felt that when K and B were around I had no sense of belonging and always feeling like a complete outcast no matter what I did Kand B were so self righteous everything was always wrong and never even thought twice about how many people they had hurt In the process Including my parents.
  • I remmember being about 13 at the time when my parents had been at work one day I called both mom and dad at work telling them that I was afraid of thunder and lightning and mom and dad had called K and B to please come and get me at the house they had promised that they would well the thunder and lightning came and went they never came to get me as far as I remember.
  • When I had my son Donnie ( named after my father who was Don) while I was going through a bad child custody battle with that piece of crap I married K had said right to my face "give up Donnie" I started to question how good a parent I was.

  • K and B upsetting our household It seems that whenever they were around I would leave because I could not stand to be around them and my parents well Im not really sure how they felt It would not be expressed to me.

  • I was always afraid of going to school because first off when we had to take the school bus Robyn would sit at the back she hated me with a passion and there was never any room for me to be able to sit down she would take the back of the bus with her friends literally (she is the one that kept on bullying me in the washrooms In school)

  • I remember when my cousin was getting married me and my parents were never Invited to their wedding and also remember never getting anything from my cousin, K and B for my wedding not so much as even a card or better yet and phone call atleast.

  • It was like when my father had passed away I felt non existent no cards, no condolences, no how are you doing It was like my feelings did not matter I felt so alone with no one to talk to and help me deal with the loss of my dad and the piece of crap I married did not help. 

These are just some of the things I remember In my childhood that I believe have to do with my past anger and potential anger Issues that have lingered with me for many years. 

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