Another day

Hello everyone:
Well today It has been raining In fact just pouring down and went off to work as per usual but today was much different, after just over a week of Intense training on the publishers clearing house account that I was, along with 19 others training to work on next week and for the second time this week I broke down crying In class because of the stress level of trying to learn so much In the short time we have In class, and having been constantly bombarded with so much Information In one day for over a week I could not take anymore of It simply put I could not learn anything In class my mind, no matter how hard I tried I would not retain anything anymore It just was not happening, earlier In the week I had spoken to both the trainer and HR consultant and explained the situation I was In they both understood where I was at and asked me If I would try for just a few more days which I did that was 2 days ago so about 2pm today I spoke with my trainer In class and then went down to talk to the HR consultant she understood where I was coming from we both agreed that PCH probably was not the best placement for me but she did tell me that when there are openings on the ocean spray and/or the krispy creme accounts that she would give me a call and ask me to come back as right now there are no openings on those accounts however there will be In the fall so I cant wait to go back needless to say I am happy about that but not at the fact that again I am out of work not to mention I feel like a failure, useless, depressed and stupid for not learning like everyone else In class so at the moment I am kind of In beat myself up mode.

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