Off to a good start and ended up with a big bang

Hello to everyone:
Well we just finished Tuesday and now we are well on our way Into Wednesday Tuesday started out okay I went to work to start my day began hacking and coughing thought I was gonna die and my boss sent me home because I was so sick this stupid bronchitis Is going to get the better of me yet and told me to get better before coming back and not feeling any better today what so ever I cant seem to rest always on the go and did not really help when my day only got worse from there, as the day progressed I became upset with a few things going on In my life everything seemed to come crashing down all at once and found myself getting really pissed off and quite edgy I became very frustrated with myself and some others on the block just sometimes I really dont understand people and of course at the end of the night when hymm sing had started and no I was not there but rather out on the second floor balcony with my music for 3 hours hymm sing I think started shortly after 7 PM tonight but anyway my wonderful good friends that I miss so very much Lauralee and Albert can we say no friends of mine!!!! showed up of course hours earlier like 3:30PM like Im telling you what a waste of space they are In here I seriously dislike them with a passion they do not have any friends In here and they still come good grief can we like just say get lost! I think they should make themselves useful and go play In traffic to be honest with you and do us all a favor I know Its mean but that Is simply how I feel.
Anyhow today being Thursday had prooved to be an Interesting one had to deal with assistance and jump through of course more hoops Im telling you talk about the runaround first my regular worker, then financial assistance worker and lastly finally the person that I should have spoken with earlier In the day and she ended up calling me last right at 4:30 you know I have to tell you that the people that answer the phones on the other end of the assistance office have no dam clue what they are doing or for that matter what they are saying, If I had people give me the right Information at 8:30 this morning I would have saved myself so much grief and headache, anyhow now that the right person has called me back and know whats happening I can jump through the hoops yet again and get my dough (yes, I was referring to money) god Im telling you I will be glad when I do not have to deal with stupid people at the welfare office god In heaven If there is one thing that I cant stand Its seriously stupid people that have no brains I mean enough Is enough already.

Another boring Saturday night

Hello Everyone:
Well, It has been almost, If not close to 3 1/2 months since moving Into 101 Marion Street  and have to say life has been very Interesting here for the most part.
I have made my bachelor suite  basically Into my sanctuary and have also met a number of different people since having been here.
Have to tell you that there are all different types of personalities, I have come across drunk ones and swear all they ever live for Is to get up In the morning and go to the dam liquor store.
I started my new full time job with Fineline Solutions  this past week and think I will like It there, I consider myself very lucky and to be blessed working with a very positive friendly group of people with a very positive overall working environment which, In my past experiences has not happened all that often, I now have some half decent people that I can work with for a change.
I had a good day today for the most part but later In the evening I had popped over to grab something from across the street when I heard someone calling my name, It was one of the tenants from the building In which I live needless to say It was NOT a pleasant surprise wish I could have said the opposite, this person to whom I am referring is somone I used to associate with In the building anyway to cut a long story short when she saw me today she had come up to me and told me that "I was not a friend" and that I was a "bitch" she also had left me a voicemail couple of weeks ago stating to me that I was unreliable and Inconsiderate needless to say I never returned her calls as I do not need that bullshit period end of story I have had that all my life and no longer putting up with any of It…man was I ever upset like can we say mega bitch Im telling you If she was not a senior I would have gone up one side of her and right down the other how dare she speak to me In that manner she hardly even knows me.
I have decided that I will be spending less time down here In the lounge on the main floor but alternatively I will be going outside to the second floor for some peace and quiet and sit outside In my little corner where no one will bother me and can do something more productive like study my psychology/social work or do some writing.
Well, after all the venting I have done Its Is now 2:11AM sunday morning I will now have to go and get some beauty sleep so to all have a great sunday and have a good night.
Take care

Another boring night and no voice

Hello everyone:
Well, Its saturday night and when I came home from the doctors office today I had taken the medication the doctor prescribed me and fell flat on my ass I slept from about 4pm till about 9 tonight and got bored upstairs in my apartment when I awoke so I then decided to come downstairs and spend some time with people down here just chilling and hanging out and since I am unable to talk at the moment all I have been doing Is listening to others speak which I typically do anyway man I tell you the shit people stir up Is unbelievable around here but whatever It does not concern me or anyone Im with , It seriously sucks to have no voice, anyhow It was pretty much a mindless do nothing day for me since for most of It I had to rest and hopefully by Monday my voice will be back to normal once again and sunday will be pretty much the same as well.
So I have been doing some reflecting today about people and relationships In general, I was a bit upset earlier today If there is one thing that really upsets me It is the fact that when people say they are going to do something and dont do it at all really gets me going everytime and the fact that I heard a comment today which I really did not like needless to say I was rather offended but they said sorry regardless I was taken aback , I have standards that I like to keep as far as having people in my life I remember when first moving into this building every man In here I think on the exception of a few you would have thought had not had sex In years I was propositioned on more than just a few occassions and after about a month of the bullshit I started to tell them to basically fuckoff In a nice way as I just do not have a mean streak In me unless I am pushed to my very limits and Its not a good sight when that happens because my claws come out and I have an Irish temper anyways as far as relationships are concerned I have my own standards here I dont really think that I am asking for too much there has got to be attraction It can be emotional or physical or both, I will not be second best to somones job there was a time many years ago that I had gone out with a police officer the guy, for petes sake was married to his job I had been feeling like I had to book an appointment In order to see him thats just not my style the same also applies to a workoholic, I think having some romance would be good for the relationship to, having patience, I also like candlelight dinners I think thats really romantic and can be the simplist things that can be made at home, understanding, affection, and just spending old fashioned time together that I believe Is to be the most Important part so that you can get to know one another much better  I would like to be treated like the lady that I am and will not settle for anything less eithier.
Anyway Its like 0007 minutes after 12 so I am now off up to bed I will write In my blog again soon and to all a good night
Take care one and all

End of the week It is Friday

Good Morning everyone:
Well, last night I went to bed late like at almost 3:00 AM and was up today at 6:30 AM so much for a good nights rest and of all things woke up with laryngitis so now everyone here can talk to me and I am not able to talk back which really really sucks darn It anyway oh well what ever I will just have to deal with It looks like a real nice day out there but will stay In till the sun goes down as I get heat and sunstroke In a big way but right across the way there is a walk In clinic and guess I will have to go to It this morning hopefully to get something for what I have my tonsils are killing me and feel like they are swollen as well, other than that I feel just fine.
So yesterday I finally got my stuff from Stratford Career Institute so I will be putting pen to paper today and spending most,  If not the whole day studying my course material and doing the bleach thing on my floors again as I did not finish It up last night which, chances are will take me the whole day as I want to make sure It gets done right and Its good excercise anyway.
Just a quick note to all my friends because I am unable to talk right now If I owe you a phone call please just bare with me I am not sure when I will be able to return any calls alternatively you can email me and will be able to correspond that way for the time being.
So take care my dear friends and have a great weekend

Halfway through the week

Hello everyone:
I figured that since It has been a while since I have written In my blog Its about time that I did as there have been so many things happening In my life as of late and yes that would Include the usual drama stuff where I live It just seems to be a never ending saga around here someone bitching and complaining about some stupid shit anyways enough about that and on to more positive stuff, this evening I have been thinking about eliminating a few people out of my life alltogether one of which Is here at the building, I thought at first It was the beginning of a possible friendship between us but after she started leaving me messages on my voicemail and blaming me for shit well that was enough for me I also found that I was accounting for all my actions and what I do and that I had promised myself would not happen again so now I feel I have no choice but to no longer speak with her even If she apologizes where I am concerned there are 2 chances and they have all but been used up so Im ending It when I see her downstairs and Ignoring all her calls.
So this afternoon I had a number of phone calls and was pleasantly surprised even got one from WSSA which apparently is some kind of government agency working In one of their call centres so tomorrow morning I have to go and see them for a security clearance and I have been a good girl so that should not be a problem for me and after that I will be coming home and dealing with my floor yet again It will be bleach bleach and more bleach my floor has some serious black Issues and sick and tired of looking at It…I went to town tonight and went nuts so bad that seriously the whole 12th floor I think smelled of bleach thats ok though just follow the smell of bleach and you will find my house Its all good.
So I have been happy and content for quite a while now and especially so since the earlier part of last week you might ask why well, perhaps a romance in the making but I am treading carefully and not able to quite open up as of yet as I am not yet In my comfort zone however, give me time and I will get there providing he Is patient enough with me which I hope he Is.

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