Halfway through the week

Hello everyone:
I figured that since It has been a while since I have written In my blog Its about time that I did as there have been so many things happening In my life as of late and yes that would Include the usual drama stuff where I live It just seems to be a never ending saga around here someone bitching and complaining about some stupid shit anyways enough about that and on to more positive stuff, this evening I have been thinking about eliminating a few people out of my life alltogether one of which Is here at the building, I thought at first It was the beginning of a possible friendship between us but after she started leaving me messages on my voicemail and blaming me for shit well that was enough for me I also found that I was accounting for all my actions and what I do and that I had promised myself would not happen again so now I feel I have no choice but to no longer speak with her even If she apologizes where I am concerned there are 2 chances and they have all but been used up so Im ending It when I see her downstairs and Ignoring all her calls.
So this afternoon I had a number of phone calls and was pleasantly surprised even got one from WSSA which apparently is some kind of government agency working In one of their call centres so tomorrow morning I have to go and see them for a security clearance and I have been a good girl so that should not be a problem for me and after that I will be coming home and dealing with my floor yet again It will be bleach bleach and more bleach my floor has some serious black Issues and sick and tired of looking at It…I went to town tonight and went nuts so bad that seriously the whole 12th floor I think smelled of bleach thats ok though just follow the smell of bleach and you will find my house Its all good.
So I have been happy and content for quite a while now and especially so since the earlier part of last week you might ask why well, perhaps a romance in the making but I am treading carefully and not able to quite open up as of yet as I am not yet In my comfort zone however, give me time and I will get there providing he Is patient enough with me which I hope he Is.

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