Another boring night and no voice

Hello everyone:
Well, Its saturday night and when I came home from the doctors office today I had taken the medication the doctor prescribed me and fell flat on my ass I slept from about 4pm till about 9 tonight and got bored upstairs in my apartment when I awoke so I then decided to come downstairs and spend some time with people down here just chilling and hanging out and since I am unable to talk at the moment all I have been doing Is listening to others speak which I typically do anyway man I tell you the shit people stir up Is unbelievable around here but whatever It does not concern me or anyone Im with , It seriously sucks to have no voice, anyhow It was pretty much a mindless do nothing day for me since for most of It I had to rest and hopefully by Monday my voice will be back to normal once again and sunday will be pretty much the same as well.
So I have been doing some reflecting today about people and relationships In general, I was a bit upset earlier today If there is one thing that really upsets me It is the fact that when people say they are going to do something and dont do it at all really gets me going everytime and the fact that I heard a comment today which I really did not like needless to say I was rather offended but they said sorry regardless I was taken aback , I have standards that I like to keep as far as having people in my life I remember when first moving into this building every man In here I think on the exception of a few you would have thought had not had sex In years I was propositioned on more than just a few occassions and after about a month of the bullshit I started to tell them to basically fuckoff In a nice way as I just do not have a mean streak In me unless I am pushed to my very limits and Its not a good sight when that happens because my claws come out and I have an Irish temper anyways as far as relationships are concerned I have my own standards here I dont really think that I am asking for too much there has got to be attraction It can be emotional or physical or both, I will not be second best to somones job there was a time many years ago that I had gone out with a police officer the guy, for petes sake was married to his job I had been feeling like I had to book an appointment In order to see him thats just not my style the same also applies to a workoholic, I think having some romance would be good for the relationship to, having patience, I also like candlelight dinners I think thats really romantic and can be the simplist things that can be made at home, understanding, affection, and just spending old fashioned time together that I believe Is to be the most Important part so that you can get to know one another much better  I would like to be treated like the lady that I am and will not settle for anything less eithier.
Anyway Its like 0007 minutes after 12 so I am now off up to bed I will write In my blog again soon and to all a good night
Take care one and all

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