Off to a good start and ended up with a big bang

Hello to everyone:
Well we just finished Tuesday and now we are well on our way Into Wednesday Tuesday started out okay I went to work to start my day began hacking and coughing thought I was gonna die and my boss sent me home because I was so sick this stupid bronchitis Is going to get the better of me yet and told me to get better before coming back and not feeling any better today what so ever I cant seem to rest always on the go and did not really help when my day only got worse from there, as the day progressed I became upset with a few things going on In my life everything seemed to come crashing down all at once and found myself getting really pissed off and quite edgy I became very frustrated with myself and some others on the block just sometimes I really dont understand people and of course at the end of the night when hymm sing had started and no I was not there but rather out on the second floor balcony with my music for 3 hours hymm sing I think started shortly after 7 PM tonight but anyway my wonderful good friends that I miss so very much Lauralee and Albert can we say no friends of mine!!!! showed up of course hours earlier like 3:30PM like Im telling you what a waste of space they are In here I seriously dislike them with a passion they do not have any friends In here and they still come good grief can we like just say get lost! I think they should make themselves useful and go play In traffic to be honest with you and do us all a favor I know Its mean but that Is simply how I feel.
Anyhow today being Thursday had prooved to be an Interesting one had to deal with assistance and jump through of course more hoops Im telling you talk about the runaround first my regular worker, then financial assistance worker and lastly finally the person that I should have spoken with earlier In the day and she ended up calling me last right at 4:30 you know I have to tell you that the people that answer the phones on the other end of the assistance office have no dam clue what they are doing or for that matter what they are saying, If I had people give me the right Information at 8:30 this morning I would have saved myself so much grief and headache, anyhow now that the right person has called me back and know whats happening I can jump through the hoops yet again and get my dough (yes, I was referring to money) god Im telling you I will be glad when I do not have to deal with stupid people at the welfare office god In heaven If there is one thing that I cant stand Its seriously stupid people that have no brains I mean enough Is enough already.

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