Thursday and the day drags on

Hello everyone:
Hope everyone Is having a great day today…hopefully much better than mine anyway as I was off to a really bad start this morning last night I had a bad case of Insomnia was up all night long and surprised I have made It through the whole entire day and the pillows and bed are sure looking good to me right now at just after 6:30PM so I would have to say It will be a very early night for me, I have also really had a bit of an off day today something has been nagging at me and will not leave me Its almost like Im sensing a friend In trouble something is just not sitting right with me.
Im going through many emotions right now and have no Idea If I am coming or going and It is driving me nuts there is so much going on In my life right now and with my current health Issues Its kind of starting to concern me after almost a month my health is just not getting any better, I may also need another Inhaler and Im sleeping now every two days and that seriously is just not normal and getting really sick because of It I mean im not stressed out or anything asnd dont think I have anything on my mind that really is of any Importance.
Anyhow I wanted to tell you what happened today In the lobby at 101 early this morning gee Im telling you so much for being nice anyhow this guy by the name of Rocky he was outside and came In so I thought I would be nice and open the door for him since I was right there talking to one of the security guards well shit no sooner did I and the guy tells me to fuckoff and called me a slut several times well you can just about imagine my response I was just like beside myself and then all of a sudden I became very very angry and found myself wanting to pound the son of a bitch to the f*** pavement but obviously because I dont have a mean streak in my body and could do no one any harm, like a lady I went outside and just cried I was so upset the little fuck bag please pardon my language god I never talk like this It almost does not pay to be nice to others in this building and so many others seem to take It to a different level meaning of course the male gender well you know what I say fuck them all and If they think they are going to get Into my pants they can drop dead first because it will be a cold day In hell like seriously no way and no how anyway back to the subject at hand I think I am respected here in this building and dont want some Idiot giving me a bad reputation by saying things that are not even true anyway the security guards made out a report and was going to call Manitoba Housing today but did not have a chance as I have been waiting for phone calls all day long and needless to say going stir crazy too! but will be calling first thing Friday morning.
More news on the home front at 101 It seems that I have a shadow now some older lady In her 50’s and this lady swings both ways If you get my meaning here, she calls me honey all the time, follows me around, wants to go to the store with me so I can buy her stuff and If there is one thing that really Irritates me Its when somone gives you something like fuck like say thankyou Its In the dam dictionary for petes sake, and needless to say she burps in public and am embarassed to be around her so I am taking a different approach with her now since whe wont take hints Its called being passive aggressive lets hope and pray she gets my point as I am uncomfortable being direct with anyone.
Anyhow everyone I am seriously exhausted here and need to go to bed fairly soon so although It is almost 8PM my brain Is In the process of slowly turning to mush so before that happens I am going to sign off so to all sweet dreams.

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