Moksha is in town and having a good week

Hi everyone:
Well, I figured since I have not written In my blog In what seems ages tonight was the time to do so although I am well known sometimes for being quite the procrastinator the way I see It Is why put off today what you can always do tomorrow…anyhow I tell you so much has happened In my life since I last wrote like good heavens where am I to start?
I decided last month to make the big step and to turn vegetarian and have to say did I ever make a good choice Im glad that I did…wow you know I never thought that I would see the day but now that I have I feel healthier and have had no problems with my health thus far and hope that It will remain that way and If thats just not enough In the building that I live In there Is 17 flights of stairs that I go up and down atleast 3x per night and have been for over a month now and the pay off so far has been a great one like seriously all my clothes are literally starting to fall off me woooooo hoooooooo!!!!!! and I get looks all the time now and have to say that man does that ever make me feel good!!…I was also asked out on a date recently I, In turn decided to decline at this time for my own personal reasons.
It has been quite the week my good friend Moksha from Calgary Is In town and think I may have convinced Moksha to stay until the end of the month which will be good all the more time I get to spend with her….when I spoke with her later In the day she told me that she would only be able to stay until Thursday morning the 30th and would then have to head back home what a bummer but there Is always Christmas which will be here In a few months so hopefully will see her again then.
So today I have decided that this week I am going to get my ears pierced once again and since there Is a fabutan across the street from where I live Im going to go tanning and get my legs brown and none of this white leg stuff anymore oh and did I mention I need to go shopping for more pants dress pants for work and Im thinking perhaps Instead of sweats Im going to Invest in a couple pairs of Im thinking jeans since I have never worn any and want to try something different but will only buy them If they actually look good on me, thinking of also getting highlights In my hair and cover this god awful gray that Im getting as I start getting depressed when I see gray as It just reminds me that Im seriously getting old and no offence to my older friends In their 50″s.
So I have also decided that I am going to do what I did when I first moved Into this block and that Is to keep more to myself and If people want to get to know me better then what Im thinking Is Instead of me approaching them they will have to approach me I will however continue to say a friendly hello to all that I encounter I have decided to do this because then I will be able to weed out people and see who really has more of an Interest In getting to know me on a more personal basis as opposed to others wanting to find out Information about me and pretending to be a friend I have learned over the course of a number of years to be much more cautious when It comes to people after having been betrayed endless times by others
Moksha called me later this evening and was absoulutely beside herself thats when my counselling skills had to come Into play I mostly just listened but on occassion she did want my Input and I gladly had given It we have so much In common and many similiar life experiences as well sometimes I really do not know what I would have done a couple of years ago without Moksha when I was homeless and beside myself Moksha and Colin were the only two people that I could really rely on to give me the emotional support I needed and helped me to seriously keep my sanity those two people will forever be a part of my life as they are a real treasure to me they have no Idea just how much eithier I just wish there were more Moksha and Colin’s out there.
Anyways now that I have rambled off and talked way too much what Im thinking Is BED! although It is like 4AM Sunday morning yes you guessed It cant sleep but guess I should try anyway please would someone knock me out cold so that I can sleep without these god awful drugs the quacks give me every month ( my mother used to refer to drs as quacks I am of the same opinion obviously).
So to all my good wonderful awesome friends nighty night dont let the bed bugs bite and no I dont have any

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  1. queenlioness1962
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 15:28:36

    Thank you Laine.

  2. Laine Wetzler
    Nov 06, 2012 @ 21:52:27

    Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Spending some time and actual effort to generate a great article.

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