Real Food

Hello to everyone:
Well, I hope everyone had a good day today…mine was not to bad although after yesterdays comment that was said to me by someone really upset me greatly and still bothers me and have my doubts as to If we will have a friendship and an apology be forthcoming Leo’s never forget I am a loyal friend and do not expect people to Insult me that simply pisses me off and Is very disrespectful.
Anyhow on a happier note I actually had real food earlier and boy I tell you, you would have thought I had died and gone to heaven I guess I am not quite vegetarian yet oh but my god  1 piece baby Is all I needed Gord who Is a tenent In the building here had gone over to San Lucia came back and offered me a piece of pizza oh my god It was so yummy It was like I was having a foodgasm you know kind of like orgasm you would have thought I never had food before anyhow I feel much better now although now I would like to go back to Calgary with Moksha so that I can get one of those Peters Burgers from Peters drive In now those really are to die for just thinking about It makes my mouth water yummy!!! but I have to remember my waistline Iv lost to much to go back to where I once was and have to say Im dam proud of myself  okay so now that I have talked to death about food on to something different…today I did not feel like doing the stairs In the building as I was to  perhaps tomorrow being Thursday and speaking of Thursday wooo hoo payday for moi!!! and Im going shopping for pants, getting my ears pierced, having my nails done and going to start tanning at Fabutan not only am I smart and have brains but will be one hot looking woman to boot and not that It is Intentional but might make other women jealous not that It is my Intention to do so but us women seem to have this thing about competing against one another and wanting to have a mans attention however for me It does not really even matter like seriously whatever but have to admit having attention from a man makes me feel really good It is quite the self esteem boost and of course there is nothing like having eye contact with someone It speaks volumes without actually saying anything. 
I have been feeling quite amorous lately and sometimes really miss the company of a male companion to be able to share things with to do things with like going to movies, going out for dinners, Intimacy, the hugs, kisses, cuddling and most Importantly communicating with each other and just spending quality time together so since I dont have that I tend to keep myself for the most part relatively busy at night as that is when It hits me the hardest usually and most nights I come down to the lounge after 12 midnite and spend a couple hours down here until I am able to sleep and speaking of sleep I am starting to get  so to everyone have a good night sleep and have an awesome day Thursday will try and do an entry tomorrow

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