Another day of drama at 101

Hello to one and all:
Well, I hope everyone had a good day mine was reasonable and had a chance to hook up with a friend of mine earlier In the evening for just a few minutes and on the way home I ran Into someone that lives in the block she was heading for McDonalds so we both went In and had a chance to have a bit of a chit chat she seems like a nice enough person but I am careful not to trust anyone too fast anymore especially so with the rumors going on In the block about me still and now I am really starting to get very fucking angry because the rumors are getting worse and Its slander bottom line I think what It is Is women are fucking jealous of me the funny thing Is there is nothing to be jealous of In the dam first place you know this is not the first time that woman have had a problem with me eithier Im telling you I think I would rather deal with a man that is pissed off with me than a woman atleast some men can be somewhat reasonable and listen Instead of spreading rumors and shit that woman do.
Anyway on to something brighter now okay Im 47 good grief one year older thank god I do not look like Im 47 and soon I will be getting rid of this god awful gray In my hair and finally wear a pair of jeans for a change and not just any pair and thinking this weekend I will have to go out and get some lingerie just because I want to no particular reason why guess I just want to feel sexy.
Anyway my friends I need to get my beauty sleep now so to all take care and have a good Monday

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