One of those days

It has been so long since I wrote In my blog I guess now would be as good a time as ever to do an entry…today or rather over the last few days I have been thinking of many things and have been doing much reflecting and have been really on edge lately not been myself and seem to be keeping to myself these days and have just realized that Dec 10th Is my sons birthday he will be 26 this year and have not seen him since he was the age of 2 so December is obviously not a good month for me I sit and ponder and think way too much sometimes to the point where depression could potentially set In this would not be a good thing all I can say Is glad Its back to work tomorrow.
Anyway, the other day I decided to go for a nice long walk before all this snow set In ended up at the St Vital mall I felt quite revitalized after having walked all the way back to where I live but not before stopping off at the St Vital library where I had picked up a couple of books Interesting reads I have to say the one I am now reading Is on body language I have really come to realize that man do I ever give off some really negative body language… this book has really enlightened me on quite a number of things and to those of you reading this entry If I have seen you lately you know what Im talking about…It has touched on many things that I do on a constant basis but never realized what an Impact that It has on others and how I project myself.. I have the feeling that I have already lost one friend because of this I have been what others may consider rude and disrespectful which makes me really sad because that is not who I am In fact anything but,  I have also noticed that I am going through many changes on a personal level and looking back and reflecting on things that have happened since my last entry It seems that In my own opinion I have become distant even with my friends where I live It seems that I can not hold a conversation for too long sometimes Its like I clam up.
I have been so emotionally drained today I think Its time for me to get some sleep or rest atleast I will write more tomorrow so to all a goodnight and have a great Friday.

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