Rejection and the brush off

Hello to one and all:

Well once again I have decided to write In my blog as a few things have been really weighing heavily on my mind as of late…I began to write this entry over a week ago and have now just finished…as the title states this is In fact how I am feeling you know, It seems to me that the nicer a person Is the more shit they get in return and for all of you that know me quite well and have known me for years you know that I would give people the shirt off of my back but not only that knowing the kind hearted person that I am I think about everyone especially those people that I know, like and care about (you know who you are) but I refuse to ever put up with any type of abuse ever again from anyone and being made to feel like I am a worthless piece of shit and having a door shut In my face everytime with endless excuses and being told "Im busy" everytime, after all I have ever done and this is what I get…. well not anymore Iv had enough already It seems like I am never given the time of day, no return phone calls not to mention the fact that there was an Invitation for dinner 2 times and not once did I ever get a phone call declining my offer, I was once also told that I was "stupid" which I did end up getting an apology for but the fact Is It was still said and looking back from when we first met I have to question If this person ever had any Intentions of getting to know me betterI do realize that when we go through a stressful time and your health comes Into question It causes us to become an emotional basketcase and our emotions get the better of us sometimes believe me I know all to well but thats no excuse for being nasty and getting the brush off not to mention the silent treatment that has been going on for I dont know how many months now and have to tell you that Its wearing thin with me and feeling like I am reliving what the hell I just left Its like Im going back Into regression mode all over again so perhaps It is best If I no longer knock on the door to see how he Is doing, make no more phone calls and perhaps I should also cease any further emails and although It hurts me to take such drastic measures like this I can no longer handle this rejection, the brush off/cold shoulder and feeling like they are repulsed by my presence Iv been there and done that already on more than one occassion I empathize I know what you are going through I really do as my mother went through something similiar the emotions, the stress, perhaps even rashes from all the stress you are having to deal with throw In a bit of grieving, hard time sleeping, and pain and the list goes on all I ever wanted was to be a friend, maybe spend a bit of time together get to know one another better which I have realized that will never happen this person Is very sick I only wish that there was something that I could do but It seems that everytime I try and reach out I get rejected In more ways than one and have been constantly hurt over and over again I have now had enough of It and until people start calling me now I will no longer be calling them I have tried to overlook many things and have but now I am finished enough Is enough already.



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