Getting back to normal

Hello to one and all:
Well as the year 2009 ends and 2010 Is just around the corner I have made some New Years resolutions lets hope for once I am able to keep some of them.
I am going to try to make some real changes In my life and look at things much differently than I am used to but you know as they say old habits die-hard and they really do… I have decided that I am going to do something nice for someone everyday or at least try to even If It means giving someone a smile god only knows It might even make their day, I know when I was down and out If someone smiled at me you would have thought they had given me the moon anyway the way I figure New Years Eve I will more than likely be at home hanging out reading or on the phone long distance talking with all my friends from back home I really miss ya all not to mention my friends back here at 101 (you know who you are).
So I had a good day today I feel like I am getting back to my regular self once again after the holidays thank god, as I have been really out of sorts for the past month or so with Christmas and all not to mention Dons birthday (my son) I had been on an emotional rollercoaster having to deal with all that on my own and It was hell anyway my Issues are nothing compared to someone else I know and no I am not minimizing my own Issues here I will never do that again.
I continue to say prayers for him (you know who you are) and a few of my other friends here In the building as well as back home.
So as usual I went to work today and yes they put me on grapes once again for the second month straight that’s okay though, so as I am freezing my ragged ass up here In Winterpeg I have to wonder why on gods green earth when Its warm and sunny In California what on earth am I doing here…  sometimes I have to wonder what ever brought me here to Winterpeg In the first place god In heaven I must be out of my mind anyways If I am on the grapes survey any longer I am going to start dreaming of grapes but Its work so I’m not complaining In fact I wish now I could work 14 days straight till I’m ragged so I have a good excuse to not be In this building let me tell you sometimes its enough to drive anyone Insane.
So my dear friends I am going to call It a night and go get some rest since I did not sleep last night until like 5:15AM lets hope I don’t toss and turn like I did last night so to all sleep well and have a good awesome Wednesday take care of yourselves and don’t forget to be good to you.
Stay tuned more to follow

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