One year ends and a New Year begins

Hello one and all:
Well, today Is the last day of the year and hopefully next year 2010 will be off to a good start and no I am not off to any parties either I am so passed that stage In my life however I coud say that this hippie chick could party with the best of them and at one time I could drink a few of my friends under the table and still walk out of the bars unlike the rest of my friends some of the stories I could tell you…anyway enough about parties.
So life at 101 goodness gracious immaculate conception, a tenant last night from 17th floor sexually harassing me down In the lounge by the computers and the latest rumor being that I am crazy. I have now learned to just ignore things that people say about me seems they have nothing better to do in life than pick on others. I moved In here 9 months ago March this year and have learned now to not let what people say affect me like It once did they can all kiss my behind.
So today was my last day of work for yet another four days  so I have decided during my time off I will be setting new goals for myself, making many changes revamping my diet and cleaning out all my  cupboards and later today when I wake up from a good sleep/rest I will be going to visit Denise and Maria who used to live on the 16th floor here In the building, so unfortunate that Denise moved out November 1st but she’s happier where she lives now and no longer has to worry about her suite being so hot to the point where she was getting so sick…and In the next couple of days I will also have a ton of phone calls to make back home to my friends..and  will also be doing my Psychology/Social work homework that I have put off for a while…It is now time to get down to business enough of this pussy footing around ( the people who know me well know that I procrastinate and stubborn as hell like someone else I know.
It Is getting really late and seriously my mind is fast turning to mush so upon closing my dear friends I wish you all a good Thursday take care of yourselves and each other and be good to you.
Sleep with angels

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