New Years Resolutions anyone

Hello to all my good friends:
Well, now that we have started a new beginning with 2010 now Is the time to put new years resolutions Into full gear I had a resolution to quit smoking permanently well hmmm looks like that one did not turn out all too well yes, you guessed It NOT!! 3 days and already smoking again oh well what do they say If you fail the first time try try again….anyway when I woke up this morning I was thinking the whole entire day that It was like Sunday only to realize later In the evening I was a day ahead good grief It seems that the holidays do this to me everytime and all I have to say Is thank god the holidays are over with…. now things can go back to normal again.
So New Years was a good one for me I went over to my friend Denise’s place and spent a few hours with her (she was a lady that used to live In the same building up on 16) and I really truly miss her and her daughter Maria…. the late nights Denise and I had and the nights we both walked over to the 7 eleven for cappucino’s and smoked cigarettes outside on the benches by the front door talking for I think It must have been hours on end those were some really good times anyhow we both had a big glass of red wine and I had to leave about 45 minutes later so I could catch the last bus home walked In the door oh at close to 2AM.
As for the rest of the weekend I will be taking It easy I have a few errands to do Sunday and will be looking after my big sis Rosy as she has not been doing very well over the last little while and then later on I just might have to do a bit more studying and hand In my second assignment for the program I am taking which Is Psychology/Social Work I will submit It online as opposed to snail mail I have absolutely no patience for regular mail I am much like my mother was god rest her soul they say patience Is a virtue quite honestly I dont really have all that much of It but this Is something that will have to be a learned behavior for me If I am to get In to my specialized field, now speaking of patience that is something my dad had lots of seriously the roof could have caved In at home and my dad being the calm collected man he was would just deal with the problem and not get upset there was only one time when my dad got really pissed at me and I mean really pissed off I told him to fuckoff oh man did I ever pay the price no allowance for a month, no rollerskating, no going out with friends, no parties but looking back obviously I deserved what I got.
Well my friends I need to go and get some sleep now so to all a good night sleep tight and remember take care of yourself and each other and live each day as If It were your last love ya all
PS Stay tuned more to follow

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