Surprises at the office

Hello to one and all:
I have not written In my blog for quite sometime now and due to many things happening as of late I feel the need to write…first off I am not a very happy camper today lets just say stressed out Is putting It mildly found out over the last day that most of the office Is getting laid off one of which would be me so should make for an Interesting week ahead thank god I was starting to look for another job weeks ago have some Interviews next week lets just hope and pray something pans out for me sooner than later or Im In big trouble It Is now 3AM Saturday morning and I am unable to sleep as I have so much on my mind right now even though I do have my traz 100mg I can take but because Im upset I know that they will not have the same effect on me as they usually do been there done that already.
I was going to write more but It would appear that I am just not In the mood to so Im heading upstairs and going to mop my floors and clean my house from top to bottom so until next time take care to all my friends.

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