Depressed and down and out

Hello to one and all:
I could not help but notice that I have not written In my blog for over two months now and have been putting off writing It has now caught up to me and this last hour It has just been hell as I have had many things to think about and has really upset me beyond belief and unable to shake this feeling…although It has been a month or so I am still being affected with the fact that Richard and Marlene both backstabbed me this has to do with the monthly meetings that we were having at the building for the tenants….Richard had offered to help me and since Marlene had previously been on the committee years ago I had asked her to help me with committee stuff she had no problem with that In fact, Marlene and I started to spend much time together and thought that she could be trusted like Richard, sadly that did not happen I had a big surprise In store for me later that week needless to say I felt humiliated, embarassed, full of shame and felt much like a useless piece of shit.

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