First blog entry in fourteen months

Well I am back once again to write in my blog and could not help but notice that it has been 14 months since my last entry wow is all I can say.

So much has happened in the last year, I started a new job just a little over a month ago after not being able to work in over a year due to my disability which is insomnia most nights and it affects my day-to-day living.

I am working as a market research interviewer its only part-time work and only pays me $9.50 per hour but it will do until after christmas and then I will be looking for work full-time and get myself away from this place that I live in and go back west where I belong in Calgary or Vancouver by the water.

More good news on the home front,  when I moved in here we were not allowed to have any animals and now they have changed the policy so now I am able to keep my little Kennie and have to tell you that I worship the ground my little Kennie walks on and everything he wants he gets and now I really have a greater appreciation of people who spoil their children my Kennie is one!

Back in March this past year I became an Avon Representative and was enjoying it immensely and was also doing very well for myself  never had any money problems and was always busy until some other woman in the building took most of my clients away, was I ever mad and I tell you I was really surprised on how many people actually ended up stabbing me in the back and lying to my face,once bitten and twice shy never again will I trust those same people who used to be my clients.

Anyway I am starting to get very tired now so calling it a night will write more on my blog soon.

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