Just another day

Hi Everyone:

I had a really good day today with Colin, the day began when we were sitting on the balcony having coffee we sat and talked about some things one of them was on the kitchen issue.As I had mentioned in yesterday’s blog finally a miracle happened  the kitchen has finally been cleaned  after five days of being a pest now I can finally start to make some home cooked meals for Colin and I instead of eating out all the time not that I mind that but it really starts to get quite costly if it happens everyday

We went out to Peter’s drive in, which is on 16th Avenue this place has been around since I was a child they are best known for their famous burgers been four long years since I had one and let me tell you did it ever taste good the milkshake that I had as well which was orange and licorice combination yummy, we had gone to do a few errands then Colin decided to drop in to Boston Pizza in Avenida village, turns out he wanted to have beef dip and well I ended up having a steak sandwich that was very yummy although I was not really hungry and when we finally got home it was relatively late close to midnight I think.

I have had a couple of late nights this past week and think it is all starting to catch up to me  as I am starting to feel run down so I’m putting an end to that and will be starting to go to bed at the same time every night early like no later than eleven pm hopefully.

We had a bad thunderstorm here this evening there were also tornado warnings in some surrounding areas one of which was Airdrie others were Olds and Beiseker just to name a few, speaking of which I always had an interest in being a tornado chaser living life on the edge sort of speak think this would be interesting work.

I’m getting tired now think I will call it a night take care and sleep with angels

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  1. Octavio Lashute
    Nov 06, 2012 @ 17:13:12

    Effectively completed explanation. I could not have done much better myself!

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