Been a busy week

Hi Everyone:

Well, it has been a while since I last wrote in the blog I have been so busy but, have taken a rest for the last couple of days doing boxes. So much has gone on here since my last entry Colin, my room-mate, has been in hospital for pretty close to a week now he had gone in with a really bad skin infection this has been his second time in hospital and no idea of when he will be coming back home.

A couple of weeks ago I was dragging a very heavy tote with Colin’s stuff in it to the balcony the result, tendonitis in two places, when I had gone to see the doctor she gave me an ointment to put on twice a day for my arm/shoulder and after a few weeeks now I do not seem to be getting any better so now I may have to go back and get a cortisone shot which I am not looking forward to as I hate any type of needles.

It was my birthday today and had one phone call from my room-mate wishing me a happy birthday which was nice glad someone remembered, I decided to stay around the apartment and try to get a few things done emptied a couple of boxes and hung up a few pictures and called a few of my friends back home called Betty who is one of my Avon clients spoke with her daughter Tammy who also happens to be one of my Avon clients was good to talk to them, Claudette called me today as well she seems to be doing alright I keep in really close contact with her as well as Rose who I spoke with for three hours on Wednesday night she really misses me and misses her son Terry very much Rose has had a very hard time lately dealing with the loss of her son Terry I feel for her, I’ve been through it all myself too as well as Colin who just lost his mother one year ago who still finds it hard to get through the days hope my living here with him helps.

I am getting very tired now so upon closing sleep with angels and have a good Saturday


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