Characteristics of low self-esteem

Today I would like to talk about the characteristics of low self-esteem and how to recognize it, I, for one became depressed for many years ending up being diagnosed with clinical depression not to mention my self-esteem really got battered in the process here are some of the ways that I learned from Alpha House in order to recognize low self-esteem.

1) Social withdrawal To this very day I still don’t want many people around and like it peaceful and quiet.

2) Anxiety and emotional turmoil I’ve had plenty of this in my life and still suffer from anxiety to this very day and emotional turmoil is not as bad as before.

3) Lack of social skills and self-confidence Depression and bouts of sadness, I still don’t like large groups of people my self-confidence is still low and still get bouts of depression and sadness.

4) Less social conformity I have never been one that conforms to what other people and society dictate.

5) Eating disorders I still have a problem with eating issues.

6) Inability to accept compliments I still have problems sometimes accepting compliments from people.

7) Inability to see yourself squarely or be fair to yourself.

8) Accentuating the negative  Sometimes I still find myself doing this but not as bad as I used to.

9) Exaggerated concern over what you imagine other people think.

10) Self-neglect I still find myself doing this most of the time looking after others first and looking after myself last.

11) Treating yourself badly but not other people .

12) Worrying whether you have treated others badly To this very day sometimes I still find myself doing this I second guess myself  if my friends have had a bad/ off day and thinking I have done something wrong.

13) Reluctance to take on challenges.

14) Reluctance to put yourself first Again as mentioned before I always think of myself last and put everyone else’s needs first.

15) Reluctance to trust your own opinion I was always second guessing myself but no more.

Believe in yourself

The stages of grief

1)  Shock and numbness

This is often the first reaction and the hardest. This is a body reflex that usually occurs right after the loss. It is a way that the body shuts down our emotional system and provides a temporary cushion against the full impact of our loss.

It does not usually last for more than a couple of weeks but can occur when the pain gets too much. This is not usually a good time for making any long-term decisions.

2) Denial and withdrawal

This is the “oh no this isn’t happening” reaction. At this stage we are trying to absorb that the loss really happened .Some of the signs are feeling weak which happened to me quite often, feeling drained of energy it was like that for me nearly everyday, loss of appetite this is a big one for me, to this very day I still have this issue I even have my friends worried about me as I now have an eating disorder because of it I still only eat one small meal a day even then sometimes I takes me an hour to eat, sleep disturbances or not being able to sleep, for about five years now I have had this ongoing issue of not being able to sleep so unfortunately I am having to take medication every single night before I go to bed otherwise I will be up for days on end. This stage  can feel  very confusing and it can feel like you are going crazy. This stage will come and go regularly.

3) Acknowledgement and pain

At this stage, we begin to know that the loss is true and ongoing I dealt with this for twenty-five years it was so hard for me. We feel everything. This is overwhelming.It is important to remember that these feelings will not last forever. We need long-term support at this stage as it can take a long time to recover as I mentioned at the beginning it took me twenty-five years to finally be able to let go.

4) Adapting and renewal

At this stage, we begin to feel like living again. A future seems possible and times of pain decrease.

We all have a purpose in life

It just takes a while to figure out what it is.

A week of surprises

Hi everyone:

This week has been a very interesting one for me, Monday started off pretty good got my new identification card from Alberta registries and much to my surprise I also received a final cheque from the last employer I worked for in Winnipeg and although it was a small one I was very happy.

I have also been putting out my postcards to residential areas to market my Avon business and so far it is going well thanks to my room-mate Colin as he has driven me around to different places which really helps a great deal,now I already have seven customers hopefully to get more soon.

I am not impressed with a couple of people who are Colin’s friends lately, the one person his name is Derek a few weeks ago he asked me if I would like to help him deliver flyers and  that he would pay me $40.00 I agreed to help him when I was able to that was a few weeks ago and have yet to see my money, Carolyn who is Derek’s wife she placed an order for almost $30.00 called me yesterday and gave me all kinds of excuses as to why she can’t pay for the Avon order as well as an excuse for her husband not to pop by and pay me the money he owes me which is today being Friday, how convenient that’s all I have to say about the matter,what really bothers me though is this they both went to Edmonton just last weekend.

I am glad I only helped Derek once and thank god I did not give Carolyn’s order or I would have ben out $30.00 as well. They both are not in my good books now I’ve given them more than enough chances already enough is enough.

I am also very tired today the last two nights I have not got to bed until after 5AM it’s starting to catch up with me and think I will be going to lie down for a while after this blog entry on Wednesday night both of my cats were fighting had to separate them for a while, I finally got to bed just after 5Am and last night being Thursday I had laundry to do and took it upon myself to do some of his as well.

I am very tired now and not very happy going to lie down for a while.

Have a great day.

I need to remind myself of this every day

Picture Quote of the day - August 18th 2010

I think as of today after reading this my way of thinking will change, I will no longer see myself as a failure in life.

Your inspirational quote for today

Positive thinking brings positive results

1. Realize that you only hurt yourself with negative thoughts. Don’t let them trick you.

2. Decide that you will live your day with happiness and not let negative thoughts steal it.

3. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m a positive person. I won’t let negative thoughts control me. I’m a winner in life.”
4. Read positive quotes.
5. Never say negative words in your conversation.
6. Change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive. For example, instead of thinking “This problem is too difficult” think “This problem is cool and challenging”.
7. If you think negatively about someone, remember positive things about that person. Shift your attention to the positive side.
8. Smile. It’s more difficult to think negatively when you are smiling.
9. Walk and act confidently. Good body language helps you have good thoughts.
10. Pray or meditate. Spiritual peace and calmness is among the most effective ways to overcome negative thoughts.
11. Gather with positive people. Be careful not to choose the wrong people or the situation will only get worse.
12. Take a nap so that you will wake up with a fresh mind.
13. Read an inspiring book. Spiritual books often do well.
14. Go out and appreciate the beauty of the world around you.
15. Sing a cheerful song.
16. Make yourself comfortable with failure. Failure is the stepping stone to success, so don’t be afraid to fail.
17. Have realistic expectation. Accept the fact that people could make mistakes since nobody is perfect.
18. If you think negatively about a situation, decide that you won’t give up even if the worst happens. Prove yourself to be a tough opponent. You are a winner.
19. Accept yourself and be comfortable in who you are. You can’t be perfect but neither can anyone else
20. Help someone. Shift the focus away from yourself and do good to others.

Your daily quote

Treating people and animals with respect and compassion

  • We can cure physical illness with medicine but the only cure for loneliness, despair and hopelessness is love.
  • There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread but there are many more who are dying for a little love.
  • Let us not be satisfied with just giving money, money is just a piece of paper that anyone can get.
  •  Others they need our hearts to love them so spread love where-ever you go.
  • There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread but there are many more who are dying for a little love.
  • Please remember to not forget our homeless animals who have no-one to love them please adopt from your local animal shelters and please make a donation to our animal shelters during the Christmas season.

On behalf of all the animals and people out there a great big hug and big thank you.

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