Reflections and facts about me

How things can change from one day to the next like goals, career path, living arrangements and moving to a different city, on this post I reflect on my past my plans.

Past In the past the most important goal in my life was to finish the Victor Mager job-re-entry program in Winnipeg and go into my chosen field which was Psychology/Social Work.

Now I am looking forward to a brighter future living back in my hometown of Calgary with a better paying job surrounded by good friends, my children Keenie and Weston and hopefully to look forward to living back on my own.

Past One of the major obstacles between myself and meeting my goals in Winnipeg were trying to balance  school at Victor Major, doing homework and working part-time at the same time.

Now that I’m back in Calgary I would really like to find a good paying job in fact just yesterday I had an interview for a Resident Manager live in position paying $3000.00 per month.

The one personal quality that I have that I feel accounts for my success in life to date is my determination and drive not to quit I am a very stubborn woman.

The one personal weakness that I used to have and that was holding me back from greater success years ago was self sabotage.

If I were to make a movie of my life I would call it The trials, tribulations, and success of Elaine’s life.

My definition of self fulfillment is feeling a sense of accomplishment and being happy with one’s self.

The areas of my life that I am most happy and content with is being able to have a safe, stable home environment, feel a sense of inner peace, be in my hometown, have a half decent job I have a good friend in Colin and my two children Keenie and Weston.

The changes that I can make today to improve my quality of life are many I have learned to not worry about the future that is in god’s hands, I would like to learn stress management, take more courses and what I am most passionate about is animals cats, dogs, rabbits, birds you name it so what I would really like to do is hold a fundraiser for my local SPCA in Calgary and improve their quality of life no animal deserves to be homeless, unloved and not have any food to eat they all deserve to have someone who loves them and that will take care of them.

With that being said please remember our animal friends during the Christmas season and please give to your local SPCA.

Thank you on behalf of the animals.


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    Dec 25, 2012 @ 09:51:06

    Helpful information.

  2. Anonymous
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 01:31:36

    I agree with your points, wonderful post.

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