Friday a good day and a brighter future ahead

Hello everyone:
Well, It is now Saturday Jan 12th and here I am on the computer at 3AM unable to sleep because I am so excited, I am hoping that I will have some good news later today.
After all this fiasco of being in shelter, juggling work and many other things now on my plate I think that the end is near and soon to be reunited with my children Keenie and Weston (the cats) I miss them terribly.
I spoke with one of the ladies at the country club pet resort earlier friday and my children are doing just great Weston Is loving every minute of this wonderful vacation and Keenie has, for the most part come around and being himself once again which I am very happy about as Keenie does not seem to adapt very well to changes of any kind they are both loving all the attention that they have been given all I have to say is when my children are happy then mom is very happy too!
I had a great day at work very productive to say the least my mindset was much different than it has been in weeks, in fact, I would even say months, I was able to focus on work with a very positive attitude and my end result was 19 mail-outs now if you know anything about telemarketing this is a hard job to do even trying to get people to stay on the other end of the phone let alone send them out an invitation to attend an open house, I think they should hire me as the trainer for telemarketers.
I spent a couple of hours soaking in the bathtub this evening yet again, reflecting on stuff past and present at the end of the day I really think that I made a wise choice in so far as moving from Colin’s apartment I really do wish him all the best in life and truly hope that he will make some serious changes for his own sake, if he does choose to make some changes things might change for the better for him but he needs the help and this is something that I, unfortunately am unable to help him with anymore I have tried everything possible so now all I can do is pray that his life gets much better for him and his mindset will change.
I’m getting tired now and think I will go upstairs and get some rest I will write again soon and give you updates as they happen


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