Positive strategies for dealing with change

Dear fellow bloggers and followers

Long ago when I was still living in Winnipeg I had taken a job re-entry program because I had been out of work for sometime. While I was there we were given quite a few handouts and this is one of them which I would like to share with you

Constructive strategies for dealing with change
1. Join or develop a support group.
2. Reduce making decisions for example can you postpone making an important decision especially during times of higher stress?.
3. Take small steps versus taking a giant leap.
4. Practice effective stress management techniques.
5. Try a new behaviour and give it time.
6. Practice an approach to health and self-care, good food, exercise, plenty of rest, recreation and good behaviour.
7. Seek professional help if and when you need it such as a lawyer, doctor, counsellor, accountant these are just some examples.
8. Learn to identify and overcome fears
Don’t fear failure, learn from it.
9. Accept reality and adjust your expectations.
10. Let go of the past, of what was.
I know this one is really hard to do as I held on to the past for 23 years and was finally able to let it go if you need help with this send me an email @Elaine.s@live.ca.
11. Try to affirm what was good in a situation and transfer that lesson or knowledge to a new situation.
12. Develop good communication skills.
13. Express your feelings about the change.
14. Vent or mourn you have that right.
15. Sharpen your interpersonal skills.
16. Adopt a problem solving approach to change although this may be hard to see at the time believe it or not every problem does have a solution, for me, I pray and leave it in the hands of god and ask for his wisdom and guidance.
17. Develop flexibility and be adaptable.
18. Have the desire to change, I always embrace change that’s how we grow as a person.
19. Get ready for change for example prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
20. Examine possible ways to change and be sure to consider the consequences to those around you.
21. Be open-minded to the new and unknown. Cultivate curiosity.
22. Believe in yourself, have faith in yourself. Deepen your self-confidence with positive and self talk statements (sometimes this is a hard one for me to do).
23. Be optimistic and hopeful that can sometimes be hard to do.
24. Accept the change.
Change is inevitable and a part of life so embrace it.
25. Take care of yourself spiritually for example go to your sanctuary, breathe deeply, meditate, reflect, and/or pray.
26. Practice patience with yourself, be kind to yourself and remember that forming a new habit and changing an old one does take a minimum of three weeks.
27. Take initiative and be a learner try to learn something new each day, I do.
28. Get some perspective on the situation such as taking a break by distance or distracting yourself for a while in order to think about it more clearly and objectively.
29. Volunteer.
30. Dream and imagine.
31. Visualize yourself already having gone through the change and coming out successfully on the other side.
32. Dance.
33. Play sports.
34. Try cooking (this one really helps me when I’m stressed out and very upset).


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