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I have two kids which are the love of my life Keenie and Weston they are my cats literally my life revolves around them, I have experienced all five forms of abuse spiritual, financial, emotional, sexual as well as physical and still to this very day I deal with the emotional aspect and find it hard to deal with at times.

Some people have said to me that “man you have a lot of emotional baggage ” I am the first to admit yes I do but at the same time people don’t have the right to judge me either so what I do to let out my emotions is I write in my blog and perhaps one day who knows I might actually inspire other people to speak openly perhaps they have had to deal with what I have had to deal with and by reading my blogs they won’t feel like they are an isolated case and not feel so alone like I do, believe me it’s not a very good feeling.

I was very lucky I had wonderful parents that loved me dearly I was the only child and come from an Anglican Catholic family.

My mother had two sisters Kathleen and Elizabeth and one brother Jim who was a minister and my dad had one brother don’t remember his name they all live in England my mother was born in Bradford England and my father was born in Yorkshire England I was born in Calgary Alberta.

I have also been homeless, as well as the opposite end of the spectrum and had everything, furthermore, when they say you are one pay cheque away from being homeless, indeed that is correct always remember before judging others living on the street that there might be other circumstances that may have them there I used to judge those people and not proud to say so and ever since I had been homeless on the street years ago have never looked at them the same way chances are they do not want to be there either.


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  1. queenlioness1962
    Nov 17, 2012 @ 21:21:10

    Nyla, thank you for your comments, I really hope that others see how valuable it is too.

  2. Nyla Dobles
    Nov 06, 2012 @ 23:17:34

    Your Hub is really valuable for the world wide web local community

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