Purdey’s Christmas wish…

Awww, this is just adorable, I also have a cat named Keenie who I consider to be one of my children looks just like your child here


Reflections and facts about me

How things can change from one day to the next like goals, career path, living arrangements and moving to a different city, on this post I reflect on my past my plans.

Past In the past the most important goal in my life was to finish the Victor Mager job-re-entry program in Winnipeg and go into my chosen field which was Psychology/Social Work.

Now I am looking forward to a brighter future living back in my hometown of Calgary with a better paying job surrounded by good friends, my children Keenie and Weston and hopefully to look forward to living back on my own.

Past One of the major obstacles between myself and meeting my goals in Winnipeg were trying to balance  school at Victor Major, doing homework and working part-time at the same time.

Now that I’m back in Calgary I would really like to find a good paying job in fact just yesterday I had an interview for a Resident Manager live in position paying $3000.00 per month.

The one personal quality that I have that I feel accounts for my success in life to date is my determination and drive not to quit I am a very stubborn woman.

The one personal weakness that I used to have and that was holding me back from greater success years ago was self sabotage.

If I were to make a movie of my life I would call it The trials, tribulations, and success of Elaine’s life.

My definition of self fulfillment is feeling a sense of accomplishment and being happy with one’s self.

The areas of my life that I am most happy and content with is being able to have a safe, stable home environment, feel a sense of inner peace, be in my hometown, have a half decent job I have a good friend in Colin and my two children Keenie and Weston.

The changes that I can make today to improve my quality of life are many I have learned to not worry about the future that is in god’s hands, I would like to learn stress management, take more courses and what I am most passionate about is animals cats, dogs, rabbits, birds you name it so what I would really like to do is hold a fundraiser for my local SPCA in Calgary and improve their quality of life no animal deserves to be homeless, unloved and not have any food to eat they all deserve to have someone who loves them and that will take care of them.

With that being said please remember our animal friends during the Christmas season and please give to your local SPCA.

Thank you on behalf of the animals.

My Urbanspoon reviews

Here in Calgary we have places on the internet where we can review and add our comments to the establishments we dine in. Urbanspoon is where I do my reviews on the establishments I go to. If you are ever in the Calgary area and would like to know good places to eat check my reviews hope they will be of some help to you.



A quote from Mother Teresa

May god bless Mother Teresa she was a wonderful person and probably a saint by now I found this quote and will try to remember what Mother Teresa says here everyday.


Be who you want to be

I am very thankful for the difficult people that I have encountered over my fifty years on earth it has made me grow as a person, showed me who I do not want to be, built character and made me a stronger person, I have learned a lot and now I am reaching out to others to help them.


Life’s challenges make you a stronger and more resilient person


I love my children

I love cats big or small the picture of this cat looks so much like my Keenie he is beautiful my one child, Weston, my other child looks much different he is beautiful as well, meows a lot and very affectionate and playful.
Keenie, he is a one person cat very territorial and he really is my shadow, when I go to bed he will snuggle up right beside me and his purr puts me to sleep every time, I worship the ground my children walk on.

What my qualities say about me as a person

1) My cats Keenie and Weston they are the love of my life and I worship the ground that they walk on I do not own them they own me.
2) My friends, I have more acquaintances than friends, my friends are always there for me they are much like myself compassionate, caring, thoughtful, loyal just to mention a few always remember that if you have one good friend in the world you have more than what others do.
3) I refuse to give up plain and simple even the toughest challenges in life such as having been homeless, survived abuse such as spiritual, physical, emotional, financial and sexual despite what I have had to endure in my life I have the courage to stand my ground, speak up and continue my life.
4) I have faith, although I have had many dark times in my life where I had lost my faith with the result being depression, I was able to overcome with the help of my faith.
5) I was very lucky I had the greatest parents anyone could ever ask for being brought up to respect your elders, take your shoes off when you enter someone elses home, as well as excusing yourself from the table all these that I mentioned I still do to this very day and more god bless my parents.

A quote by Michael Angelo


A new day

Everyday is a new day make the most of it.



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