Characteristics of low self-esteem

Today I would like to talk about the characteristics of low self-esteem and how to recognize it, I, for one became depressed for many years ending up being diagnosed with clinical depression not to mention my self-esteem really got battered in the process here are some of the ways that I learned from Alpha House in order to recognize low self-esteem.

1) Social withdrawal To this very day I still don’t want many people around and like it peaceful and quiet.

2) Anxiety and emotional turmoil I’ve had plenty of this in my life and still suffer from anxiety to this very day and emotional turmoil is not as bad as before.

3) Lack of social skills and self-confidence Depression and bouts of sadness, I still don’t like large groups of people my self-confidence is still low and still get bouts of depression and sadness.

4) Less social conformity I have never been one that conforms to what other people and society dictate.

5) Eating disorders I still have a problem with eating issues.

6) Inability to accept compliments I still have problems sometimes accepting compliments from people.

7) Inability to see yourself squarely or be fair to yourself.

8) Accentuating the negative  Sometimes I still find myself doing this but not as bad as I used to.

9) Exaggerated concern over what you imagine other people think.

10) Self-neglect I still find myself doing this most of the time looking after others first and looking after myself last.

11) Treating yourself badly but not other people .

12) Worrying whether you have treated others badly To this very day sometimes I still find myself doing this I second guess myself  if my friends have had a bad/ off day and thinking I have done something wrong.

13) Reluctance to take on challenges.

14) Reluctance to put yourself first Again as mentioned before I always think of myself last and put everyone else’s needs first.

15) Reluctance to trust your own opinion I was always second guessing myself but no more.


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