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If you have a dream go after it

There is nothing stopping you


Be Inspired!

Every now and then it’s always nice when someone inspires you, it does not matter if it is Inspirational quotes or Inspirational affirmations  here are a few that I would like to share with you hope it helps  you to get through the day.

  • The only way with finding your limits  is by trying to go beyond them. Try doing the impossible today.
  • The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event, you go to bed  in one kind of world  and wake up to find yourself in another quite different. So, why not imagine that snow every morning before you pull back the curtain on your life?
  • Our biggest fear is what would happen if we dared to feel really alive, to risk being fully awake and inspired. What would happen if we really showed the world what we can do.
  • There is no end, there is no beginning. there is only the boundless promise  and inspiration of each new day.
  • My life is in my hands, I will let that thought inspire me to do something special today.
  • When the student is ready, the teacher appears-you might find your inspiring teacher in the most unusual place.
  • Archimedes said, “give me a balancing point, and I can move the world” well, that balancing point is here, now, today.
  • It is only by risking going too far that I can discover how far I can go.
  • Paint a rainbow in your mind and let that inner inspiration take you far beyond what you thought possible.
  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
  • The search for perfection will either make you or be your downfall.
  • Every day ask yourself am I making a simple thing complicated?
  • Open your ears, your mind and your heart. This is how you open your future.
  • Actions stimulates thought, so when you can’t think of any way to do it, start doing it anyway.
  • Your mind is bigger than you think, more powerful than you can imagine.
  • In the game of life will you be a spectator or a player?
  • What lies behind, and what lies ahead are insignificant compared to what lies within.
  • We might not have it all together, but together we have it all!
  • Doing what you love is where happiness lives.
  • The happiest people in the world are those who do what is right..
  • Look beneath the surface  and there is good in everyone. Today I am going to have  fun spotting the good in everyone I meet.
  • The highest reward of effort is not what you get from it, but what you become from it.
  • Happiness is not a goal, it is the by-product working for a goal and getting there.
  • There’s no point in wishing things were different, so I am going to tell myself that what I have is the best I could hope for, and make myself happy by making it happen anyway.
  • Happiness is a matter of getting what you need, so look at what you need; maybe you already have it.
  • Happiness is not absence of problems: happiness is learning to enjoy the problems.
  • Happiness consists of finding your unique talent and then using it to your greatest potential.
  • Looking for happiness and not finding it, is just the world telling you that you have lost touch with your own inner resources.
  • Have you done anything lately that’s worth remembering?
  • The way to unhappiness is to always want more than you will ever get.
  • Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.
  • True happiness comes from within, it doesn’t depend on what happens.
  • The best way to measure wealth is by counting the number of your friends.

When you feel like giving up read this

I have had so many times where I felt like giving up and then like this saying says why have I held on so long? My answer, I’v come this far why give up now and that god will never dish you out anything that you are not able to handle so hang in there.


We all have the courage don’t give up!


Twelve guidelines to live by

Here are Twelve guidelines that you can live by:

(1) If you open it close it.

(2) If you turn it on turn it off.

(3) If you unlock it lock it .

(4) If you move it put it back.

(5) If it belongs to someone else and you want it get permission.

(6) If you borrow it return it.

(7) If you don’t know how to run it leave it alone.

(8) If you use it take care of it.

(9) If you break it repair it.

(10) If you can’t fix it call someone who can.

(11) If you mess it up clean it up.

(12) If it will brighten someone’s day say it.

A marriage not made in heaven

Well, todays topic Is about my marriage made In hell to Steve, yes that was his real name. Today all of a sudden some memories of my marriage came to me that I am remembering, please keep in mind I have to do this in segments because I am not able to remember everything all at once, first I remember having a girlfriend by the name of Debbie she had an english accent and said she knew this nice guy named Steve that she had previously met In school so, me being all naïve and young agreed to meet Debbie, her current boyfriend, and Steve away from school one evening we all hung out and went to a movie for the evening with dinner afterwards.
Steve and I hit it off right away and ended up dating anyway, eventually I had become pregnant and was not married Steve was working at the time and when I had found out that I was pregnant I called Steve and told him I had to meet up with him right away because there was something very Important I had to talk to him about we had arranged to meet at the bowling alley that was on Fairview Drive and believe that same bowling alley Is still there to this day.  I remember crying on his shoulder not knowing what to do and wanting some emotional support so desperately.
I had told Steve that I was pregnant the first words out of his mouth were “let’s get an abortion” I have to tell you I was so devastated, stressed to the max, and angry how dare he ask me to get an abortion I thought, I was beside myself and being from a catholic background we do not believe in sex before marriage so this was a real big issue and I’m thinking how are my parents going to react to this news how in god’s name was I going to deal with all this on my plate being pregnant five weeks and only the two of us knowing I had no one to turn to and at that point In my life I wanted to just end It all.
Throughout the course of my life when living at home and up until I left home, I was very happy with the way things were going on in my life had very high self-esteem and knew how to be assertive I felt really good about myself. Then there was my first serious relationship,  Steve who I was dating for about two to three years he was treating me well up until after we got married then it was downhill all the way so many things changed, looking back now my self-esteem and assertiveness disappeared, Steve became very overbearing, controlling, abused me not only of a physical nature but sexually also, making me give him oral sex and having to swallow as well which I found really disgusting I gagged every time he also forced me to have anal sex which really made me very uncomfortable but not only that it was also very painful.
I did not really have a choice in the matter or so I thought and was always glad when it was all over I had explained to Steve that I was uncomfortable doing  oral and anal sex however, that did not seem to matter whatsoever to him and now that I was married I could not get divorced it was much more difficult back then in 1984 so I lived a life of this for just under two years my self-esteem and assertiveness went right down the toilet and emotionally I felt most days like a worthless piece of trash that’s how he made me feel. I had no one to talk to was not sure what to do and was not about to tell my parents just could not bring myself to put my parents through that.  Steve started with Insults as a joke, we would go out for dinner and he would look at other women while he was with me eating dinner at a restaurant he made It obvious which I find very disrespectful and actually remember another time when we one night went to a fancy restaurant walking down sixth avenue In Calgary on a saturday night I believe It was the Westin Hotel we were going to have dinner we were walking down the street when a prostitute approached him right In front of me and propositioned him not only was I very angry beyond words but was ready to pound her to the pavement. That piece of trash I married told me to calm down and still to this day do not remember what happened after that.

Happiness comes from within ourselves

Assertiveness: Myth’s versus Reality?

Assertiveness myths and reality
Society as a whole seems to think that a woman being assertive means they are being a “bitch” the myths that I am adding are among some that I believed for many years and considering myself to be a people pleaser I believed all of these from the time I entered my first relationship up until the time I left Alpha House:
Myth Assertive women are pushy women…..this Is why over time I was not assertive anymore thought I was being pushy.
The reality Is  Assertive women have defined their needs and boundaries and can communicate them, showing respect to others.
Myth If you say no to a request you are being selfish……this Is why I have found It hard to say no throughout the course of my relationships and being a people pleaser.
The reality is Saying no to a request Is simply setting a boundary, saying no can be done with thoughtfulness and consideration.
Myth To be polite you have to be non assertive….I thought this for so many years
The truth Is  Politeness is courteousness. Being non assertive so I found out would be the Inability to communicate ones own needs and boundaries.
Myth  Being assertive also means conflict and I really hate conflict…I believed this from the time I left home through my relationships and up until I left Alpha House.
The reality is  Aggressiveness stirs up conflict.. It only stirs up conflict If we are dealing with a person who Is unwilling to accept or respect our boundaries.
Myth  If we learn to use assertiveness, you might become a “bitch”… yes I did believe this one for a good many years society seems to think that way In my opinion.
The reality is If we use assertive skills they show respect for ourselves and for others and you will never be a “bitch”, However, we may be called a bitch by anyone who would be unwilling to acknowledge our legitimate needs and our boundaries… It would appear that this would be their way of avoiding their own shortcomings.

A marriage made in hell

Throughout the course of my life when living at home and up until I left home I had very high self-esteem and knew how to be assertive felt really good about myself and then there was my first serious relationship ( I shall call him Stephen).
I had been dating him for about 2-3 years he was treating me well for example flowers, candy, being affectionate, dinners, movies you name It he would do anything for me to make me happy up until I got married then so many things changed.
Stephen became very abusive and  began to disrespect me In so many different ways,  It began in a suttle nature with Insults, punching walls, making comments about other women saying “wow” she’s hot! or words to that effect and making me feel Inferior and not In the least bit Important.
The there was the sex when It came to sex not only was I starting to feel like a sex object but my self-esteem took a real beating.  Stephen became very overbearing, controlling, abused me not only of a physical nature but sexually and emotionally,  he made me give him oral sex and cumming In my mouth which I found really disgusting and gagged every time he didn’t care he also forced me to have anal sex which really made me very uncomfortable not only that It was also very painful and needless to say I was glad when it was all over.
I told him that I would not do It again and told him my reasons but that did not seem to matter to him and now that I was married I felt locked into this marriage and did not think that I could get divorced It was much more difficult back then to a divorce unless you were literally being threatened with your life,  so I lived a life of this for just under 2 years my self-esteem and assertiveness went right down the toilet and emotionally I started to become a basket case feeling so Isolated, unwanted, unloved, used, you name It I felt It.
I also had in-laws that for some reason just could not stand me and had to interfere with everything in our life which made things even more difficult to the point where I told Steve we were moving to the west coast having tried so very hard to have them accept me but in the end I would not conform to what they wanted so they never accepted me .
 I had no one to talk to feeling so alone not knowing what to do I could not tell my parents as my mom just had a reoccurrence of cancer and dad having had a double bypass I was not about to tell my parents just could not bring myself to put my parents through that and at that time I had no Idea that there were shelters available.
 The abuse with Stephen It started with Insults as a joke, being out for dinner and him looking at other women while he was with me eating dinner at the table and making It obvious which I find very disrespectful and actually remember another time when one night he took me to a fancy restaurant we were walking down 5th avenue In Calgary on a saturday night believe It was the Westin Hotel we were going to have dinner,  when a hooker approached him right In front of me and propositioned him not only was I pissed off but was ready to pound her to the pavement.

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