Things that I avoid asking for help with

Helping hands

1) Emotional support as I have done without for many years and had to figure things out for myself.

2) Financial support even though there have been many times where I have been so down and out with no where left to go I had to ask a friend because I was so desperate for money because I was out of food.

3) People moving me I am so sick and tired of people saying that they are going to help me move when all I end up with is nothing but excuses.

4) Doing my laundry I much prefer to do my own laundry and no-one else touching it clean or dirty.

5) Advice I try to avoid asking for advice from others unless of course I have thought things through and unable to still reach a decision.

6) My grocery shopping, as I like to take my time, look at the prices carefully and compare from other places, spend less and still have money in my pocket when I leave the grocery store.

7) Cleaning I have a certain way of doing things and now that I am older I am very much set in my ways and do not like anyone helping me clean.

8) Looking after my kids ( they are my cats Keenie and Weston) I am the only one that will discipline my children and give them everything they want including their treats Weston loves attention from everyone and Keenie only wants to be around me and he gets tons of love and attention all the time from me as well.

9) Dealing with my own personal issues as I do not want to burden anyone else with my problems they have their own too.

10) When I am grieving I usually go into seclusion and don’t talk to anyone I have a problem asking for help and very stubborn too.

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