Building new relationships

When I was living in Alpha House (this is a second stage shelter for abused women) in Winnipeg we were given handouts one of which I am sharing with you in this post this of course applies to men as well.

New relationships may trigger memories of your old relationships. it takes hard work, a great deal of committment and communication when you are in a relationship. A second relationship has different problems than the first one. Be sure you feel strong enough to live independently before you make the choice of becoming involved in an intimate relationship again. This way when you have a choice, you may not be as likely to make the same mistakes or fall into the same unhealthy patterns of the past. You will be better equipped to stand up for your rights. It is important to remember that life has its ups and downs. You will have good days when you feel strong and capable and bad days when you feel depressed and vulnerable. Know that the bad times will not last forever and that there are things that you can do to help yourself get through the bad feelings. Many women find that the first anniversary of their leaving is particularly painful. It is important be aware and plan in ahead. You may want to arrange and spend time with close friends or seek support in your local community to get through this time. If you would like more information and resources for the Winnipeg, Manitoba  or Victoria BC areas contact me and I will do a post about resources.

Ways you can help yourself

Let yourself feel your emotions fully. Do not judge yourself for having them. In time you will move through these feelings.

Take time out for you, Engage in self-nurturing activities such as going for a walk, have a bath, curl up in bed and read a good book or just chill and listen to music everyone has a right to pamper themselves.

Eat healthy and set aside times for meals.

Get plenty of rest, even if you are unable to sleep take time and do nothing.

Excercise to release built up tension go for a walk or swim.

Establish a daily routine that includes setting and accomplishing small goals each day.

Begin keeping a daily journal believe me it really helps.

Explore new hobbies and try out activities that interest you.

Develop new friendships and join a support group.

Learn to laugh ( although I find that very difficult most days) when I do laugh truly, I feel so much better afterwards.


My talents and accomplishments

Hello one and all:
Throughout our lives sometimes we fail to remember our talents and accomplishments and If you are like me even have difficulty recognizing that we even have any and for others they don’t talk about them because others might feel that they are being conceited and immodest therefore we either discount, dismiss or really undervalue ourselves.
`I know that’s all I have ever done but have now turned over a new leaf and now I am very proud of my talents and accomplishments you should be to for we all have them, these talents and accomplishments no matter how much we undervalue them are very Important as I have realized over the last year, some of them might come naturally to you here are some of mine:
  • One thing that I cherish dearly Is animals believe me when I tell you I would not think twice, If It came to an animal and me I would give my life to save one of them.
  • One of the talents that I have that I get much praise for Is my cooking the way I see It Is throw me In a kitchen give me my music and throw away the key.
  • Some of the things that bring me joy are:

1) When I am around animals and able to help make their life better by adopting them and giving them a good home (my house of course).

2)Supporting and helping others who need It and going home at the end of the day knowing that I have accomplished something is a reward onto itself .

3) Just knowing that when I talk to others, listen and perhaps guide them and give advice should they wish me to I might have made their day and led them to lead perhaps a better life.

  • If I had to describe myself In one sentence I would more than likely say I am very strong-willed, have a good head on my shoulders, and plenty of life experience.
  • I once took a road less traveled and because of that I have become a much stronger person emotionally over time.
  • What got me through most of my struggles Is my belief in and faith In god and saying my prayers everyday It also helped to keep me sane when I was going through a rough time and feeling all alone.
  • Although It has taken me much courage one of my biggest life’s accomplishments is leaving my abusive relationships, being able to talk about It and perhaps one day might turn Into a book In order to help others.
  • I believe that my spirit has called me to reach out to others, be an Inspiration and tell them to never give up on their hopes and dreams.
  • If I could do anything that I wanted to I would save ALL animals from abusive people and the world from global destruction which to me is Inevitable.
  • The most valuable gift that I could ever give anyone Is my friendship.
  • If I could redo the last 5 years of my life I would have tapped Into my sixth sense a lot more than I have.
  • Some of the biggest risks I have taken Is after leaving one of my partners was having to go from shelter to shelter for almost a year to eventually travel halfway across the country, another one of my biggest risks was having got married back In 1983 when I was 19 It ended up being a terrible mistake and costing me dearly In the end.
  • I have a real passion for saving all animals and the world.
  • When I take time to listen to my heart It tells me I would really be good at taking care of animals, be an animal advocate,and be an Inspiration to others.
  • The best portrait that I have of myself Is being a role model for others.
  • One of the things that I do well is cook.

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