Very upset

Hello everyone:

I have not been online writing for a while and today, I think will be more of a venting session than anything else. As the title says I am very upset tonight beyond words, I am so stressed out I come home from work and seems to me that most of the time I have to clean up after my room-mate and now well seriously I am at my wit’s end I have finally had enough, I come home to a dirty kitchen, dirty toilet that I constantly have to use wipes for, sometimes there is urine on the floor, does not follow through with many things and now that Christmas is around the corner I have asked Colin to take me shopping so that we can get some groceries in the house and this has not been done yet  and today is the 23rd of December and feeling like I  am a maid more than anything else  and sick to death of it , I have given up even talking to Colin about anything anymore due to being so defensive.

When Colin had gone into the hospital the man was near death because of his breathing, smoking, weight issue everything  and although Colin has cut down on his smoking substantially, his breathing I have noticed lately that he is having problems breathing again. I have also had many conversations with Colin about getting some help cleaning in this apartment and to this date nothing he has done nothing about it, I also spoke of his health issues and explained to him that if you want to get sick again and make unhealthy choices by not quitting smoking I will make it my mission to leave this apartment and not watch him die a slow death.He may not change his choices but, I can change what I do so,  I have plans to move when the opportunity presents itself.

I have to tell you honestly I am not sure what is going to happen to this friendship once I leave here,  this friendship I think is slowly fading and find myself starting to keep my distance more than I used to, I have told Colin this on more than one occasion and nothing ever seems to change.



Keeping busy

Hi Everybody:

Well, as the title says another day of unpacking boxes good grief please tell me this will all end soon I’m worn out but sure getting a workout these days just buzzing around the apartment lifting boxes, cleaning you name It I’ve probably done it already, Colin has already cleaned the kitchen and have just given him more work to do, I had gone into one of my boxes today only to find a whole pile of stuff from my kitchen cupboard pancake mix, couple of instant mashed potatoes, ginger peach tea which happens to be very good to sip on if you have an upset stomach as well as barbeque utensils which will come in really handy considering we have a barbeque right outside the balcony door none of that to buy at least.

Later today we will be going out to do even more errands go over to Pet Value, do more shopping for Colin go over to Walmart stock up on food looks like in the future I will be pretty much in charge of doing the grocery shopping for the both of us I am getting lots of raw vegetables for Colin and have frozen strawberries although he had asked for fresh ones FYI the fresh ones that you buy in the store have been sprayed with insecticides and pesticides and although you might wash them before you eat them turns out that the insecticides and pesticides are still on them which obviously is not healthy for you so we have nothing but frozen fruits in the house now the same also goes for grapes so I don’t eat them anymore.

Colin has Tide laundry detergent in his house and I will be telling him that it is a proctor and gamble product that tests all their products on animals as well as other products go to this link for further information or send me a comment Nestle also is another culprit as they do vivisection on live animals so I do not buy any Nestle products anymore since I found out this information, and I am telling everyone I know about this very issue  as well so that they are aware of it too.

Since living here in the apartment having moved so many boxes for the last few days I have had much pain in my right shoulder so after three days of nothing but pain I asked Colin if he would please drive me down to the midnapore walk-in medical clinic which he did one of the first things that I noticed was how friendly the staff are in fact last night I had one of the nurses (Jennifer) ask if I would like a juice and a few crackers of course I said yes please and of course having been there before about some abuse issues many years ago she asked me if I was doing okay talk about concerned people I highly doubt that you would find anything like this in a Winnipeg hospital due to my past experiences in Winnipeg hospitals, when the doctor finally came in she was very friendly and seemed really concerned about me was told there was no medication that I could take orally but was given a cream instead to apply to my affected areas which seems to work very well she also showed me some exercises that I can do for my arm and shoulder her name was Dr. Hawke’s got my refills for my medications that I take on a regular basis for the next two weeks as well.

Upon closing good day everyone and take care of yourself

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