Happy Canada Day

Hello everyone:

It was Canada Day yesterday and have an Illness from heat stroke, I felt sick all day long and slept a good part of it.

Today, because of several setbacks it is with regret that I have to tell you that I will not be moving as planned and must say I am extremely disappointed as well as more depressed than ever because I’m stuck in this place where I live with a dead-end job and basically just in survival mode. I now have to deal with the movers and god only knows what I’m going to say.

On Canada Day I am usually on the second floor deck when the sun goes down where I am able to take pictures of the fireworks but today I feel like I have no energy, tired as ever and feel like I have not slept in a week and really don’t feel too much like writing in my blog today so I will say good night and will write more tomorrow.


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