No sleep

Hi Everyone:

I just realized that I have not written in my blog for quite sometime now it has been many months and need to start writing much has happened to me since my last post and i’m just not sure on where to begin.

For the last week I have pulled off three all nighters and stayed up all day, I am just unable to sleep at night could be due to stress,  and many other things going on in my life and the likelihood that I will have to move to a different apartment now that I have found out there is black mold in my apartment right underneath my window, I am getting very sick and so are my kids (the cats Keenie and Weston).

I have also, in the last month had hardly any work,  my last pay cheque was just a little over $50 to last me a whole two weeks  and this week I have not worked any shifts as they have all been cancelled needless to say I am not in the least bit impressed.

Winnipeg is not only a dirty city in my opinion but, a poorly run one at that not to mention has the highest crime rate per capita and high unemployment rates no wonder there is so much crime going on.

I think that’s why most people who have lived in Winnipeg have been relocating,  for the simple reason there is no work to be had and I have  tried to find work elsewhere and there just isn’t any,  all I can say is thank god for Avon I don’t make much but at least I have a little to get me through the couple of weeks that I am without.


Down and out

Hi everyone:
Well, It has been a few days since I last wrote In my blog and I am feeling very much the same way as I had earlier In the week.
I have felt this same way for months since I found out about Richard and Marlene this feeling seems to linger and does not seem to be letting up…I have really been feeling very emotional, depressed, lonely with no sense of belonging or purpose you know, sometimes I just want It all to end.
I’m really thinking that next week I need to look Into going to some support groups because dealing with all of this on my own seems to be just be getting the better of me.
It would appear that I am starting to regress back to the way I was when I first moved here to Manitoba. I was a basket case back then.
I was always friendly to people, smiling, happy and very much at peace and now I feel just blah and have to be quite honest with you I am pretty close to being on the verge of drinking which Is not at all like me and not only that, but I really resent the fact that I seem to be a stepping stone for others to get ahead In life sometimes It just doesn’t seem fair.

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