Positive attitude will get you positive results

I thought that today I would share some positive affirmations for Happiness and Forgiveness and although for me, sometimes I find it hard to live by these affirmations I do try all the same, it can change our outlook on how we see things sometimes too.

  • Happiness does not depend upon who I am or what I have, It depends on what I choose  to think.
  • Today I am issuing a free pardon to all my locked up feelings, By forgiving them I am free too.
  •  Starting today, I forgive everyone who has ever hurt me in any way. I accept they had their problems  and likely still have. They can keep them, they are no longer my problem.
  • When you forgive someone, it is for your benefit, not theirs. They still have the guilt, but you no longer resent.
  • I forgive you for being the way you were. Something caused you to act that way, so I release you because I am ready to move on now.
  • The person you find hardest to forgive, is the one you actually need to start with.
  • You don’t have to know how to forgive, you only need to decide to, and it happens.
  • I now believe their own pain made them behave the way they did, so I am ready to forgive them and start healing my pain.
  • I can move beyond myself into the place where forgiveness lives so I can start to live.
  • This will pass; good things happen to good people. Good people remember but forgive.
  • You can bury feelings, but forgiveness lets them breathe.
  • Having a dark past does not stop me from having a bright future.

Positive affirmations to remember

I try to do positive affirmations everyday although some days are more difficult it seems the more we say positive affirmations eventually we will start to belive it here are some.

I deserve happiness.

I have the power to change myself.

I can forgive and understand others and their motive.

I can make my choices and decisions.

I am free to choose to live as I wish no matter what my circumstances.

I am flexible and open to change in every aspect of my life.

I act with confidence having a general plan.

It is enough to have done my best.

I deserve love.

Positive thinking brings positive results

1. Realize that you only hurt yourself with negative thoughts. Don’t let them trick you.

2. Decide that you will live your day with happiness and not let negative thoughts steal it.

3. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m a positive person. I won’t let negative thoughts control me. I’m a winner in life.”
4. Read positive quotes.
5. Never say negative words in your conversation.
6. Change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive. For example, instead of thinking “This problem is too difficult” think “This problem is cool and challenging”.
7. If you think negatively about someone, remember positive things about that person. Shift your attention to the positive side.
8. Smile. It’s more difficult to think negatively when you are smiling.
9. Walk and act confidently. Good body language helps you have good thoughts.
10. Pray or meditate. Spiritual peace and calmness is among the most effective ways to overcome negative thoughts.
11. Gather with positive people. Be careful not to choose the wrong people or the situation will only get worse.
12. Take a nap so that you will wake up with a fresh mind.
13. Read an inspiring book. Spiritual books often do well.
14. Go out and appreciate the beauty of the world around you.
15. Sing a cheerful song.
16. Make yourself comfortable with failure. Failure is the stepping stone to success, so don’t be afraid to fail.
17. Have realistic expectation. Accept the fact that people could make mistakes since nobody is perfect.
18. If you think negatively about a situation, decide that you won’t give up even if the worst happens. Prove yourself to be a tough opponent. You are a winner.
19. Accept yourself and be comfortable in who you are. You can’t be perfect but neither can anyone else
20. Help someone. Shift the focus away from yourself and do good to others.

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