Another day

Hello my fellow bloggers and followers:

It has been a while since I have written an entry on my blog, many things have happened since my last writing.

Unfortunately I do not have easy access to a computer today this would be why my writings have become less, I have been very depressed lately and seems that since I have moved out of Colin’s and into my own apartment which I am happy about however, it has become very difficult to make ends meet, still not having a couch in my living room to sit on no area rug and barely making ends meet with my food supply and electric bill.

Since March 2013 when my physiotherapy began I have had to go on  public assistance which pays me $757.00/month my rent is $850.00 and unemployment was paying me $119.00 per week so you can see how much of a struggle this has become for me.

Due to the issues with past room-mates I refuse to move in with any others and Colin’s place (my former room-mate) that is not an option whatsoever due to hygiene issues and many other things. I will be looking into getting some form of a financial settlement from the city transit department due to their negligence earlier this year that put me in physiotherapy to begin with.

I will be writing in my blog again very soon with updates.

Take care my friends


Very upset

Hello everyone:

I have not been online writing for a while and today, I think will be more of a venting session than anything else. As the title says I am very upset tonight beyond words, I am so stressed out I come home from work and seems to me that most of the time I have to clean up after my room-mate and now well seriously I am at my wit’s end I have finally had enough, I come home to a dirty kitchen, dirty toilet that I constantly have to use wipes for, sometimes there is urine on the floor, does not follow through with many things and now that Christmas is around the corner I have asked Colin to take me shopping so that we can get some groceries in the house and this has not been done yet  and today is the 23rd of December and feeling like I  am a maid more than anything else  and sick to death of it , I have given up even talking to Colin about anything anymore due to being so defensive.

When Colin had gone into the hospital the man was near death because of his breathing, smoking, weight issue everything  and although Colin has cut down on his smoking substantially, his breathing I have noticed lately that he is having problems breathing again. I have also had many conversations with Colin about getting some help cleaning in this apartment and to this date nothing he has done nothing about it, I also spoke of his health issues and explained to him that if you want to get sick again and make unhealthy choices by not quitting smoking I will make it my mission to leave this apartment and not watch him die a slow death.He may not change his choices but, I can change what I do so,  I have plans to move when the opportunity presents itself.

I have to tell you honestly I am not sure what is going to happen to this friendship once I leave here,  this friendship I think is slowly fading and find myself starting to keep my distance more than I used to, I have told Colin this on more than one occasion and nothing ever seems to change.


A week of surprises

Hi everyone:

This week has been a very interesting one for me, Monday started off pretty good got my new identification card from Alberta registries and much to my surprise I also received a final cheque from the last employer I worked for in Winnipeg and although it was a small one I was very happy.

I have also been putting out my postcards to residential areas to market my Avon business and so far it is going well thanks to my room-mate Colin as he has driven me around to different places which really helps a great deal,now I already have seven customers hopefully to get more soon.

I am not impressed with a couple of people who are Colin’s friends lately, the one person his name is Derek a few weeks ago he asked me if I would like to help him deliver flyers and  that he would pay me $40.00 I agreed to help him when I was able to that was a few weeks ago and have yet to see my money, Carolyn who is Derek’s wife she placed an order for almost $30.00 called me yesterday and gave me all kinds of excuses as to why she can’t pay for the Avon order as well as an excuse for her husband not to pop by and pay me the money he owes me which is today being Friday, how convenient that’s all I have to say about the matter,what really bothers me though is this they both went to Edmonton just last weekend.

I am glad I only helped Derek once and thank god I did not give Carolyn’s order or I would have ben out $30.00 as well. They both are not in my good books now I’ve given them more than enough chances already enough is enough.

I am also very tired today the last two nights I have not got to bed until after 5AM it’s starting to catch up with me and think I will be going to lie down for a while after this blog entry on Wednesday night both of my cats were fighting had to separate them for a while, I finally got to bed just after 5Am and last night being Thursday I had laundry to do and took it upon myself to do some of his as well.

I am very tired now and not very happy going to lie down for a while.

Have a great day.

A little bit of help

Well, today there have been many things going on in the house, Lately I have started to feel like more of a maid than a room-mate I’m starting to feel resentful of Colin having to do almost everything since I arrived here moving boxes, trying very hard to get some sense of organization around here  I am even unable to cook in the kitchen due to a mess that I have asked Colin to take care of repeatedly going on three days tomorrow I have also done all of his laundry as well as mine and all I have asked him for is to wipe the tables, clean the kitchen, empty dishwasher which seems to be a task, like I really understand that Colin has some health issues and his mobility is not the best but there are some things that can be done if you sit on a chair.

A lot of the stuff Colin and I have are in boxes which takes up a lot of room here and trying to move around in this apartment is very difficult so I think I will be talking to Colin in the next day or so getting this stuff moved out of this apartment  this being disorganized is really stressing me out really bad as well as my cats and really to be quite honest with you I wish I had stayed in housing now as opposed to being here as there were no messes, there was a sense of organization and not having to ask someone to do anything which I’m feeling like I have to do constantly and starting to get sick and tired of it already and have not been here for ten days yet.

The kids have settled in nicely with no problems really other than the fact that one cat gets jealous of the other seems that Kennie does not want to have Weston on the bed when he’s sleeping Kennie gets very mad with me Weston however not much bothers this cat he just wants lots of love and attention just like my Kennie they are both the love of my life I love them more than I love life itself.

Since living here with Colin I have slept very well it’s also very quiet here and would like to start looking for work very soon was thinking front desk at one of the hotels that is nearby we went to Dairy Queen the other day and they are paying $12.00/hr so I guess the wages have gone up since I was living in Calgary five years ago which is a good thing I think later I will check out the Canada Job Bank too.

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