Spend money go saturday shopping

Ok, so your probably wondering why  I categorized this entertainment when I’m actually going shopping today, I guess my entertainment Is shopping. I just finished my last blog entry and starting todays blog entry at 3AM I am not very happy that I am not be able to sleep as I am so tired the next day and honestly don’t feel well. It’s quiet down here In the lounge now with no drama!!  and I finally got to bed at 4AM was up by 11AM.
It has been so far an experience living here in Manitoba Housing seriously, I have become very annoyed with men in the building lately as I have been propositioned 4 times and getting really mad and ready to tell off a few of them.
Anyways some bad news today the guy Mike that I was telling you about that Lana did CPR on well turns out he Is In a comatose state now in the St Boniface hospital, you know In a 55 plus building you can pretty much expect anything to happen.
So I went out shopping today and picked up some last-minute stuff for dinner picked up a turkey and some extra potatoes and have already put In the turkey on 250 until tomorrow night around 6 PM, I also popped over to the St Vital Mall and grabbed some chinese  as I was doing so I then began to re-evaluate a few things such as people who I used to know In shelter they both have my number and both have never called me I have called them on several occasions with no return call so I have all but given up on them  I am very disappointed.
I am very reluctant as of late with people and sick and tired of getting the run around, lies, deceit, and taking me for a ride every which way so from now on If people want to get to know me they will have to show Interest I am no longer going to go out of my way for anyone unless they prove worthy of my friendship.
Looking back now I have realized that I was a people pleaser well, I am pleased to say not no more it took a year of counselling at the shelter I just left to realize It, and the days of mind manipulation, power and control, and telling me what to do are over I am finally standing up for my rights where before I did not I was to nice to people had not set my boundaries and Glenda who was the Executive Director of the shelter that I was in at the time always said to me “Look at the source” so now I am really going to start paying more attention
Looking back I am so grateful and thankful that I came to Winnipeg, Manitoba and went into this shelter my thanks to Glenda and all the staff they have been a blessing to me in more ways than one and actually brought me much closer to god so it was also a real spiritual awakening for me and although I do not have many material things they don’t really matter much to me because it is all about how you live your life and your level of faith that is of importance and not the material things that matter most.
When I was at the mall ready to leave and was at the bus stop waiting for the 55 St Anne’s this guy was yelling at this girl I am to assume that they were boyfriend/girlfriend anyway the guy called her a bad name which I won’t mention here  it took all my strength to refrain myself from going over there to tell him off and treat the woman with respect anyway they got on the bus she had her head down (my heart went out to her) and was sitting middle of the bus when he sat down to and started in on her again freaking out he kept insulting her thank god the bus had finally left the mall and so did he she was beside herself crying so I went over to see her to try to comfort her as I know how It feels to be alone and take on abuse and told her she did not have to take that she in turn said to me I know I know.
I really hope and pray that this girl makes the right decision and leaves that scumbag If he would have hit her I would have taken him on myself and I’m not afraid to either, no man will ever again Intimidate me ever and If I see abuse of any kind to human or animals I will have no problem stepping In.

Things that I avoid asking for help with

Helping hands

1) Emotional support as I have done without for many years and had to figure things out for myself.

2) Financial support even though there have been many times where I have been so down and out with no where left to go I had to ask a friend because I was so desperate for money because I was out of food.

3) People moving me I am so sick and tired of people saying that they are going to help me move when all I end up with is nothing but excuses.

4) Doing my laundry I much prefer to do my own laundry and no-one else touching it clean or dirty.

5) Advice I try to avoid asking for advice from others unless of course I have thought things through and unable to still reach a decision.

6) My grocery shopping, as I like to take my time, look at the prices carefully and compare from other places, spend less and still have money in my pocket when I leave the grocery store.

7) Cleaning I have a certain way of doing things and now that I am older I am very much set in my ways and do not like anyone helping me clean.

8) Looking after my kids ( they are my cats Keenie and Weston) I am the only one that will discipline my children and give them everything they want including their treats Weston loves attention from everyone and Keenie only wants to be around me and he gets tons of love and attention all the time from me as well.

9) Dealing with my own personal issues as I do not want to burden anyone else with my problems they have their own too.

10) When I am grieving I usually go into seclusion and don’t talk to anyone I have a problem asking for help and very stubborn too.

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