My thinking tank is the bathtub

Well, It Is Saturday today and as the title says yes indeed I do have many thoughts going through my head when I relax in the bathtub, and today I came up with some startling revelations it’s almost like a lightbulb when on in my head let your mind be free anyways, someone once told me that my life was not a book but rather, a dictionary so i have now come up with the idea of writing a book named “Life’s trials and tribulations a true life story” I now feel that because of my life’s experiences I will be able to help others in similar situations and perhaps be an inspiration to others as well which I have been told several times in my life.
There will be many chapters and some of the chapters that I will touch on and talk about are:
1 Marriage.. and yes it can be a blessing however it can also be a nightmare
2 Life in low-income housing
3 I was a miracle child
4 In mother once told me “when you get married you don’t just marry that person you marry “the entire family”
5 Abuse.. yes the subject that women don’t like to talk about because they feel ashamed to and the effects as well as the types of abuse
6.The struggle to be accepted by others
7. The struggle for survival living from shelter to shelter
11 Inspirational quotes and some of the ways to keep yourself sane
12 My 2 sets of twins.. yes was pregnant 2x with 4 children
13 Homelessness and being judged
14 My passion for animals and their impact on me
As I will be remembering traumatic events in my life which will entail emotional turmoil and becoming very tired which really is nothing new to me but all the same emotional as I progress through my big project I am sure I will be adding new chapters.

Happy Canada Day

Hello everyone:

It was Canada Day yesterday and have an Illness from heat stroke, I felt sick all day long and slept a good part of it.

Today, because of several setbacks it is with regret that I have to tell you that I will not be moving as planned and must say I am extremely disappointed as well as more depressed than ever because I’m stuck in this place where I live with a dead-end job and basically just in survival mode. I now have to deal with the movers and god only knows what I’m going to say.

On Canada Day I am usually on the second floor deck when the sun goes down where I am able to take pictures of the fireworks but today I feel like I have no energy, tired as ever and feel like I have not slept in a week and really don’t feel too much like writing in my blog today so I will say good night and will write more tomorrow.

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